Easier Access in Brisbane to Top Fertility Expert

Couples from the Northside of Brisbane who are struggling to start a family, now have even easier access to one of Brisbane’s top fertility experts with the opening of the new City Fertility Centre’s clinic in Chermside recently.

Dr Ashish Das co-founder and Medical Director City Fertility Centre who will now also consult from Chermside, said that continued success and demand for their services had driven the opening of their clinic on the Northside.

“We offer highly experienced and dedicated fertility specialists who will individually tailor a treatment program that is sensitive to each patient’s needs,” he said.

“We are also the largest independently owned fertility centre in Australia and have industry-leading pregnancy success rates.”

Dr Das said that one of the most important things that couples who were considering starting to try and have a baby could do is make sure their lifestyle is healthy.

“At City Fertility Centre, we see many couples seeking help with improving their fertility but we don’t limit our assistance to reproductive technology — we offer a free nutritional service to support patients in changing their eating and exercise habits.”

The fertility experts talk to patients about the impact that things like losing weight, giving up smoking, and reducing drug, alcohol and caffeine intake can have on their chances of getting pregnant.

“For example, smoking reduces IVF success rates by half and even losing a small amount of weight can significantly increase your chances of pregnancy. In fact, 12% of primary infertility is linked to women being underweight or overweight,” he said.

Dr Das said improving your BMI can improve your hormonal levels and ovulation. But nutrition and health also have a direct effect on the health of sperm, so it’s important for both partners to consider these issues.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is not only important to boost fertility, it’s also essential during pregnancy to keep you well, and give your baby the best start in life, he said.

The new clinic is located at Chermside Medical Complex, 956 Gympie Rd, Chermside, Brisbane  P: (07) 3831 9611 to make an appointment with Dr Das  www.cityfertility.com.au

For further information please contact the City Fertility Centre closest to you
Brisbane City 1800 123 483
Brisbane Southside 1800 483 483
Gold Coast 1300 859 116
Melbourne 1300 781 483

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