Influx of Local Sperm Donors

An Australian fertility clinic has received an influx of sperm donors since the launch of its sperm donors website earlier this year.

City Fertility Centre who has clinics in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Adelaide now has nearly 100 Australian sperm donors on its books to further assist those in need of donor sperm.

Scientific Director and co-founder for City Fertility Centre, Adnan Catakovic, said the big response from donors had surprised the fertility centre.

“While our initial donor marketing campaign focussed primarily on recruiting donors in the state of Victoria, we have received interest and now have donors from around the country,” Mr Catakovic said.

Australia has been experiencing a shortage of sperm donors since changes to various State laws in recent years that allow children conceived from donor sperm access to information on the donor when they turn 18. Sperm donors, however, have no legal responsibilities or rights to a child.

Mr Catakovic said that City Fertility Centre’s new donors were comfortable with the new disclosure requirements and were proof that men are increasingly willing to help people with fertility problems.

Approximately one in eight infertile couples requires donor sperm to fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

New sperm donor John, 49, said he decided to donate because he had colleagues who were having trouble conceiving and it was heartbreaking for them.

“By becoming a donor I thought I could do my part to help those in need,” John said.

John consulted his wife and two adult children before agreeing to donate and thinks more Australian men should help out.

Mr Catakovic said there was steadily increasing demand for sperm donors resulting from scientific advances now allowing IVF clinics to assist more patients, and greater society acceptance of using donor sperm.

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