2,000 reasons to smile for City Fertility Brisbane

2,000 reasons to smile for City Fertility Brisbane

Adorable little sisters Skye (3.5 years) and Erin (8 months) are just two of the babies that have helped City Fertility Brisbane reach their 2,000 baby milestone this month. But interestingly, these babies prove again that nobody is immune to fertility issues, with their mother Alison Skuja (40) being a qualified midwife and for the past seven years a fertility nurse at City Fertility Brisbane.

Alison has delivered countless babies for others and assisted many infertile couples, but still struggled herself. She knows an exceptional amount about conception, pregnancy and birth but successfully conceiving can be elusive for even the most experienced.

Alison said, after discovering at the age of 34 years old that her ovarian reserve levels were declining rapidly, and having not had success falling pregnant naturally, she and husband Anthony (35) sought the help of City Fertility Brisbane specialist Dr Julie Lindstrom.

“Having worked in IVF for years, I felt I was very realistic and when going through my IVF treatment. I had my ‘nurse head’ on and I tried not to get too emotionally attached, but I admit, I did get quite ‘wobbly’ when I didn’t succeed immediately,” Alison said.

Alison said she now completely understands how women feel when you come out with nothing from a treatment cycle.

“I’ve learnt that no two IVF cycles will have the same outcome – I had three cycles and all have had different outcomes,” said Alison.

“My best advice is to hang in there and not get too hung up on the number of eggs you get at pickup – quality is much better than quantity.”

Mr Adnan Catakovic, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for City Fertility Brisbane said it is always wonderful to see a great pregnancy outcome, and especially so for your own staff members.

“Our staff are integral to the success of each and every one of our patients – even if it is their colleague,” Mr Catakovic said.

Alison was able to access City Fertility’s Employees Wellness Program to assist her, a program they run internally for staff – it delivers a range of benefits to help people through their fertility journey.

For City Fertility Brisbane to reach the 2,000 babies milestone, there’s a talented multi-disciplinary team in-front and behind the scenes making it all happen. In Brisbane City alone we have 10 doctors supported by nursing staff, embryologists and laboratory staff, counsellors and support staff.

Stephanie Zamostny, Senior Embryologist, City Fertility Brisbane, said it is a real privilege to work with the patients.

“Helping patients who are trying to create their dream family is a wonderful thing to be part of. We care for the little embryos in the laboratory like they were our own, and to see them return to the clinic with a little baby is just delightful and makes our job so rewarding,” Stephanie said.

Since City Fertility’s beginnings in Brisbane in 2003, we have continued our growth in Australia focusing on excellence in reproductive medicine, research and pregnancy outcomes.


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