Adelaide IVF Clinic Opens to Meet High Demand

Adelaide IVF Clinic Opens to Meet High Demand

In response to the rising demand for fertility treatments, City Fertility Centre has opened its first clinic in South Australia, based at Western Hospital, Henley Beach.

As a rapidly growing national provider of fertility services, City Fertility Centre has partnered prominent South Australian doctor Marcin Stankiewicz.

Medical director of City Fertility Centre Adelaide, Dr Stankiewicz said the clinic had opened in response to increased demand for assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures, which was rising by about 10 per cent a year.

“This is the first new clinic in South Australia to open under the new legislation, and is a milestone for South Australia,” Dr Stankiewicz said. “We are very excited to offer patients an excellent new service and contemporary facilities with proven treatments.

“Our experience shows that couples really want to be treated as individuals, and our focus at City Fertility Centre is to provide a very personal level of treatment.”

Dr Stankiewicz said nearly a quarter of all assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles were now for women who had previously given birth, highlighting the fact you cannot assume you will easily conceive a second baby.

Dr Stankiewicz, who holds a Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI) – the highest qualification available in Australia for infertility specialty – said women were not always the cause of infertility.

“Recent research shows that older maternal age is the main factor influencing this increase in demand for fertility assistance,” he said.

“Statistics also show that 40 per cent of infertility is due to the male factor, 40 per cent is due to the female factor, and the remaining 20 per cent is related to a combined male/female factor or simply cannot be explained.

“Regardless of the cause, diagnosing the problem quickly is an important milestone whether the diagnosis is male- or female-related or both.”

Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the first ART baby born in Australia. Over the past three decades in Australia and New Zealand, ART has helped in the birth of more than 102,000 babies, who are part of the 3.5 million worldwide.



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