City Fertility Centre Supports Families

City Fertility Centre Supports Families

City Fertility Centre has been making dreams come true for 15 years now.

The Wickham Tce clinic is celebrating its 10th anniversary and one of its past clients, Melissa Kennedy, is eternally grateful.

Melissa and her husband Andrew, of Virginia, are one of the centre’s many success stories.

They underwent five years of IVF, which involved 10 cycles of assisted reproductive treatments, and are now the proud parents of two-year-old Isabella and 10-month-old Thomas.

The Kennedys could not be happier. Their journey involved a year of trying to fall pregnant on their own, and five years of fertility treatment, initially with another clinic and then with Dr Julie Lindstrom at City Fertility Centre.

Eventually, with the help of donated eggs, they welcomed the birth of their two children.

“We tried and tried so many different options,” said 42-year-old Mrs Kennedy.

The quality of her eggs was poor so the couple decided to try using donor eggs, and if that did not work they would stop treatment and change their focus to making their life fulfilling in other ways.

“It was a big decision to agree to consider an egg donor, but in hindsight it was the right one,” Mrs Kennedy said.

While trying to fall pregnant, Mrs Kennedy discovered she had “killer” cells that were overactive.

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