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0916 AFFIRMATION 7_ Courage stronger than fear_pin


0816 pssitve affirmation 7_I can't4


0816 possitive affirmation 6_i refuse to sink4


0716 possitive affirmation_many reasons to be happy PIN


0716 positive affirmation 4_I believe PIN AND FB.


0616 Positive affirmation - good things are coming to me_PIN


0616 positive affirmation - stronge than the challenge_PIN




0316 quote - should, would, could, did_PINTEREST


0316 Quote - positive thoughts only_ Pinterest


CFC077_Social Media_January_30_Pinterest


7.01.16 new month new beginning_pinterest.



CFC067_Social Media_December_14_PINTEREST


CFC064_Social Media_December_7_Pinterest


CFC061_Social Media_November 30_Pinterest


9.11.15 Quote - you don't need to see the whole staircase_PINTEREST


CFC050_Social Media_November 2_Pinterest


CFC047_Social Media_October_26_Pinterest.


CFC043_Social Media_October_16_Pinterest..


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07.09.15 one day at a time


0815 Don't be ashamed of your story it will inspire others


08.15 Don't give up - today may be your day for a miracle


28.08.15 optimism is a freat companion



1.8.15 we are in this together



06.07.15 no matter how strong the storms get you will make it through






29.06.15 even miracles take a bit of time



21.06.15 there is a rainbow of hope at the end of every storm



12.06.15 Dream doesn't expire ...try again



02.06.15 easy no_worth it yes


27.05.15 Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations



25.05.15 Actually, I can



06.05.15 beause it isn't happening right now doesn't mean it never will


01.05.15_ the moment you're about to give up.



20.04.15 I can and I will



13.04.15 it takes 20 seconds of courage



03.04.15 May happiness and joy follow you



27.03.15 positive vibes only



23.03.15 Endometriosis quote



20.03.15 Faith - doesn't make things easy, makes them possible



2.02.15_the best things happens unexpectedly



19.01.15_You've come this far, don't give up now



13.01.15_the best is yet to come



9.1.15_Keep going



27.12.14_Believe_sometimes the most real things we can't see



15.12.14_hope is the power that gives confidence_pinterest



1.12.14_Let your faith be bigger than your fear..



24.11.14_head full of fear has no space for dreams



14.11.14_Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it



3.11.14_start each day with a positive thought



13.10.14_Fertility may have challenged us but we are stronger because of it_FB



7.9.14_October please be nice to me_pinterest image



19.09.14_I choose happiness_Pinterest



12.09.14_believe you can and you're halfway there_FB image



08.19.14_fight a battle more than once to win_pinterest image



22.08.14_Think Happy_Pinterest image.





18.08.14 90 per cent of success_pinterest image.



15.08.14_I am stronger than this challenge_pinterest



01.08.14 when it rains look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars_pinterest.



01.08.14 believe in why it will work_pinterest.



01.08.14 be patient and don't give up_pinterest


01.08.14 always believe something good is going to happen_pinterest


01.08.14 accept what is, let go what was, believe what is_pinterest.


01.08 Positive, Optimistic and determined_pinterest


06.14 If you can dream it you can achieve it


04.14 Focus on how far you have come and not how far you have to go


struggle isn't fun but it is an opportunity to be brave _0314


believe and you will succeed_0314


Be strong you never know who you are inspiring

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