Meditation Program Supporting Women During the Two-Week Wait

Meditation Program Supporting Women During the Two-Week Wait

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A new tailored audio meditation program has been created by Australian naturopaths to help minimise stress levels in women during the final phase of their in vitro fertilisation (IVF) journey.

The guided relaxation exercises aim to nurture and support women when they are often at their most anxious – while waiting on pregnancy results after their IVF cycle has been completed.

City Fertility Centre’s patients are being offered a complimentary copy of the “Be Fertility – While You Wait’’ audio download.

The final phase in IVF, after the embryo transfer has taken place and before the pregnancy test results arrive, is commonly known as the “two-week wait’’. It is often considered one of the more emotionally difficult parts of the IVF cycle.

Gina Fox and Charmaine Dennis, naturopaths with Fertility Ground Health Group, are the creators of the program and said research showed that being stressed can greatly impact on your chances of conception, whether natural or through IVF.

“During the final two weeks after embryo transfer, there are far fewer appointments and procedures to focus on, so the mind often wanders to worry about the future and fret about the past,” Gina said.

This new program guides them mindfully through breathing and relaxation exercises to calm the nerves and nurture and support the body.

“Taking time out on a daily basis during the two-week wait to breathe deeply, let go and immerse yourself in the positive visualisation contained in this guided relaxation exercise can be hugely beneficial for wellbeing,” Gina said.

“They feel more rested, calm, receptive, trusting and confident”

Gina said it was important for patients to learn to let go of fears and expectations and to allow themselves to be in the best position possible for a productive, healthy, balanced and fertile cycle and pregnancy.

In Australia, about 30,000 women undergo IVF each year.

The “Be Fertility – While You Wait’’ meditation program has shown great results for patients who have participated so far. “They feel more rested, calm, receptive, trusting and confident,” Gina said.

“Another patient has said she loves it and looks forward to doing it every day and it is a wonderful gift. She was very thankful.”

The program runs for 20 minutes and it’s advisable to schedule it in at least once a day.

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