Kita Soltesz

Kita Soltesz

Nurse Manager  | Brisbane Southside

Kita Soltesz

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1300 354 354

Kita enjoys communicating with patients, and coordinating and managing their care within the interdisciplinary team. She finds it an honour to be part of such important, life-changing journeys.

Her responsibilities include:

  • Overall supervision of the City Fertility Southside nursing team.
  • Working within our multidisciplinary team to provide patients with quality care and support.
  • Liaising with fertility specialists regarding patient treatment throughout a cycle.
  • Coordinating nurse interviews/education sessions.
  • Dispensing fertility drugs to patients.
  • Liaising with the national donor coordinator for donor cycles.
  • Follow-up with patients throughout their cycles.
  • Liaising with clinicians to book egg pick-ups.

Kita gained her Bachelor of Nursing Registration at James Cook University, Cairns, in 2004. She then went on to work in Cairns and Brisbane in surgical, orthopaedic and women’s health fields for three years before travelling overseas in 2007.

Kita began her career in IVF working in a leading private clinic in London, where she was a senior staff nurse for more than three years, gaining valuable experience. She joined the team at City Fertility as the senior nurse coordinator at the Southside clinic.

Her aim is to provide patients and families with support and advice throughout their fertility treatment and she strives to create an environment that feels welcoming and comfortable.


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