Sue Watson

Sue Watson

Laboratory Manager | Gold Coast

Sue Watson

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Find me at:

1300 354 354

Sue Watson is passionate about achieving and maintaining good results for patients, ensuring consistent fertilisation outcomes and high-quality embryos for transfer in fresh or frozen cycles.

Her responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with educational material.
  • Activities relating to membership of the City Fertility infection control group.
  • Helping with completion of the laboratory training manual.

Sue completed her Bachelor of Science degree in 1981 at Tasmania University and went on to work as an embryologist and then laboratory manager for City Fertility.

She began working with City Fertility as senior embryologist on the Gold Coast in August 2006, with the laboratory based at John Flynn Hospital, Tugun. The clinic and laboratory have moved twice since then and are now based at Robina. Sue has since been employed as the laboratory manager and has enjoyed watching City Fertility Gold Coast grow from a small clinic with one nurse, one embryologist and one customer services administrator to a much larger team with a growing patient base.


Behind the scenes – What happens in the embryology lab?

Sue gives you a sneak peek into the embryology lab and tells us why talking with and listening to patients is so important to her. Watching this will give you an insight into the high level of care you can expect.

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