Susan Baohm

Susan Baohm

Laboratory Manager | Melbourne City

Susan Baohm

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1300 354 354

Susan’s love of genetics sees her interests concentrated on technologies offering a glimpse “inside” the embryonic genome: in particular, Advanced Embryo Screening or Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH) screening offered to patients at City Fertility Centre.   

Her responsibilities include:

  • The day-to-day running of the lab.
  • “Behind-the-scenes” management of quality control systems.
  • Keeping ahead of the latest technology available to patients.

Susan has been working in the IVF area as an embryologist for almost 11 years. Her interest in the field of zoology/genetics led her to complete a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne and she subsequently gained her honours degree in genetics at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

From here, she continued work as a research assistant in the area of cytokines and cell culture for a few years, until her interest in human genetics and reproductive biology led her to the field of IVF. After completing her training in embryology, she joined City Fertility in 2008.

Her enjoyment of embryology at City Fertility Melbourne has flourished given the greater patient contact and more intimate feel of the company and its staff. Her current role as manager of the Melbourne laboratory involves the day-to-day running of the facility as well as the “behind-the-scenes” overseeing of quality control systems, pregnancy monitoring, training and keeping ahead of the latest technology available to patients.


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