We’re Smiling and so are our 5000 babies!

We’re Smiling and so are our 5000 babies!

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Reaching our 5,000 babies born milestone has involved a lot of determination and hard work from both our patients and the City Fertility Centre team. But when it ends in joy, particularly 5,000 smiling faces, we think it’s all been well worth it.

To be honest, we love what we do! Helping solve the challenges our patients face on their fertility journey is why we are here. Our goal is always to try and help people achieve their dream of having a family.

Dr Julie Lindstrom, Clinical Director with City Fertility Centre who has been with the centre from the start, openly says she still loves showing up to work each day. “We don’t guarantee miracles, but we sure work hard to try and achieve them,” Julie said.

Julie said her 13 years with the clinic had flown by and that it is so rewarding when she sees her patients again with the baby they have longed for. Some, she said have had shorter journeys and others longer more arduous ones.

Of the 5,000 City Fertility Centre babies born, three of them belong to world champion aerial skier Jacqui Cooper and her husband.

Jacqui proudly says she feels she has been part of the City Fertility Centre family since 2010.

Having represented Australia in the sport of aerial skiing for 20 years, Jacqui competed in five Winter Olympic teams, won five world titles and had 24 world cup wins, but easily falling pregnant, eluded her.

However, it is the determination she demonstrated in her sporting life which she credits with helping her through her IVF journey, resulting in Madeline (4) and twins Thomas and Grace (2).

Jacqui said she is very open about having received fertility assistance. “I am happy to tell people that IVF science was involved in helping me have children. I am very grateful for its assistance,” she said.

Jacqui believes that people struggling with fertility issues, ultimately have to have faith in the process and the people in charge of your treatment. “From my sporting background, if you have a coach, you have to trust and respect that coach as they are the ones who will help you get the results that you want. The same applies to IVF, surround yourself with a team that you believe in. I know sometimes people don’t succeed, but you have to give it your best shot.”

CEO and Scientific Director of City Fertility Centre, Adnan Catakovic said 5,000 babies is only the start for City Fertility Centre. “We will continue to give patients a very personalised and caring approach, with highly qualified specialists and the world’s most advanced technologies well into the future,” he said


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