Baby Logan is City Fertility Sydney CBD’s 150th success story

Baby Logan is City Fertility Sydney CBD’s 150th success story

After three years of heartache on their quest to become parents, Natalie and Keith Leijen from Wentworthville were determined to have a fresh start to their year.

Natalie and Keith switched clinics to City Fertility Sydney CBD for another opinion and a fresh approach and the rest is now history for the new parents of baby Logan, now eight weeks old.

Baby Logan is City Fertility Sydney CBD’s 150th success story since opening two years ago.

Natalie, 40 said that like many, they had been on a difficult journey for three years having already undergone four IVF cycles, a failed cycle and six embryo transfers with other clinics.

“During this time, we also experienced three miscarriages and the death of my grandmother and then mother. It was utterly challenging to say the least,” Natalie said.

However, this year they courageously found the strength and energy to give it another go.

Dr Devora Lieberman, Medical Director City Fertility New South Wales, said that at City Fertility they are able to support all patients individually.

“We don’t need to take a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer individually tailored plans, and the same specialist throughout thus delivering a continuity of care and the best chance of solving a patient’s fertility issue,” Dr Lieberman said.

Natalie said, to her relief this latest IVF cycle in January this year was very quick – a total of 10 days and she had the most success ever with the number of eggs retrieved and embryos created.

“What I have learned along my journey is that we are all different and what works for one person may not work for the next. It’s just about having the confidence to give things and go, and not being afraid to make the hard decisions when you need to,” Natalie said.

Natalie’s tips for others going through challenging fertility times are:

  • Understand your fertility journey is unique and no two journeys are the same
  • Having the right mindset is a good starting point and only you as an individual can do this
  • Choose to work with someone you feel is on your side or team.

Natalie and Keith said they are now thoroughly enjoying parenthood and will hopefully try again soon for a brother or sister for Logan.

“Being a new parent is definitely tiring and challenging in the best way possible. We are enjoying every moment and would like to have more,” Natalie said.

Dr Lieberman said at City Fertility Sydney CBD, we are redefining what patients can expect in terms of the level of care, service and technology.

“I am very proud and privileged to be Medical Director of City Fertility’s New South Wales clinics. We have everything that a patient needs through their fertility journey, all in one place. With one of the most technologically advanced laboratories in Australia and one-on-one access to our experienced specialised team, our Sydney CBD clinic is able to provide our patients with the best chance to realise their dream of parenthood in a private and personalised setting.”

“The nurses, the admin staff, the scientists – we all know every patient that’s been through our clinic. We know what they’ve been through, we know what they’re going through and we are all pulling together as a team to give them the very best outcome.”

“We offer the most advanced assisted reproductive technology solutions and treatments including a comprehensive range of services to suit our patient’s individual fertility needs,” Dr Lieberman said.


Photo by Cherry on Top Photography.


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