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City Fertility Centre has been making dreams come true for more than 10 years

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We will do everything we can to help you conceive a baby

Patients seek treatment at City Fertility Centre because of our heartfelt care and expertise in addressing the most difficult and resistant cases of infertility.

City Fertility Centre places you, our patient, first. You and your partner are always our primary concern and our aim is to help you conceive the child of your dreams. Our emphasis is to ensure you take home a baby, not just a positive pregnancy test.

City Fertility Centre is committed to combining excellent medical care with an individualised, warm and compassionate approach. Our philosophy is to help you fall pregnant using the least-invasive method of treatment that is suited to your circumstances. In fact, two-thirds of City Fertility Centre patients are helped with fertility treatments that DO NOT require IVF.


Choosing a Fertility Clinic

We realise that choosing a fertility clinic to help you fulfil your desire for a family can be difficult. There are many significant questions you may need answered. We have listed below some of the areas in which, we believe, City Fertility Centre can provide you with great comfort and assurance when selecting a clinic.

1. Success Rates

City Fertility - Baby

City Fertility Centre was established in 2003 with the express desire to give our patients high-quality, personalised care with a foundation of industry-leading pregnancy rates.

Success rates must form a basis for any medical treatment decision. City Fertility Centre maintains industry-best pregnancy rates throughout Australia and remains committed to maximising the only success rate that really matters – yours.

At City Fertility Centre we will provide you with realistic pregnancy potential statistics that are relevant specifically to you. It is pointless simply giving age-related statistics without any consideration of the potential underlying clinical issues that will influence outcomes. We strongly believe in absolute honesty when discussing these statistics, on the basis that while it may be difficult to face the reality of the true figures, it is far more important for you to continue with your treatment with realistic expectations of having a baby.

At City Fertility Centre we believe we will give you the best possible chance to achieve a pregnancy.

2. Our Doctors

You will see your own specialist every step of the way.

At City Fertility Centre we have an incredibly dedicated medical team focused on providing you with highly personalised and skilled treatment. The doctor you have chosen will remain your treating physician throughout your treatment cycle. This will provide you with continuity of care and the best possible chance to solve your fertility issue.

Our doctors do not operate on a roster or rotational system. If your doctor is due to go on leave, he or she will discuss the option of treatment cover with you before starting your program.

We also maintain an ongoing clinical review program whereby doctors and City Fertility Centre professionals discuss and review your case as appropriate.

3. Our Staff

City Fertility

At City Fertility Centre we are extremely focused on providing you with highly personalised and thorough care. Our nursing, laboratory and administration teams are all highly trained and dedicated staff who maintain the clear understanding that we are all here to ensure you and your partner are cared for during every aspect of your treatment.

While the ultimate aim is to have a baby, we ensure that looking after you is the highest priority. Our staff take the time to get to know you. To them you are a person, not just a patient.


What personalised care means to us

Please note: This video may not be copied or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of City Fertility Centre.

4. World-Class Laboratories

City Fertility

City Fertility Centre has world-class laboratories throughout Australia. We pride ourselves on state-of-the art equipment and maintaining the highest standards.

Our scientists have the highest levels of training and expertise. They are available as a resource to you as you need them. We have an open-access policy regarding our laboratories and the people who work in them.

This is unique to City Fertility Centre in that you are encouraged to visit the laboratory and talk one-on-one with a scientist.

Our scientific leadership team has 60 years’ combined experience in the IVF and fertility industry, ensuring your gametes and embryos will receive a high standard of care. Our motto in the lab is to treat our patients and their embryos as if they were our own.

Advances in freezing technology using vitrification have significantly improved IVF success rates. As a result, we are able to offer our patients both day-3 and day-5 embryo transfers. This flexibility allows your City Fertility specialist to individualise your treatment plan to suit your specific situation and provide you with the best chance of success.

If there are questions you feel still need to be addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please click on the image below to view in full and download our information sheet.

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Something to think about...

  • How would you feel about having to deal with a different person every time, and not being able to build a relationship with your treating doctor?
  • Do you feel involved in the decision-making process of your fertility treatment?
  • How would you feel if you couldn’t talk face-to-face with scientific staff about your IVF cycle and embryo development?


Our Mission Statement

To provide compassionate and exceptional care, with dignity and respect, for all couples and individuals.

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