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Over 18,000 babies born through City Fertility Australia

Established in 2003, City Fertility is one of Australia’s leading IVF & fertility service groups with 16 clinics, over 50 consulting rooms and over 60 fertility specialists nationwide.  We provide seamless care across the full fertility spectrum while ensuring the best possible chances of conception for our patients through our rigorous protocols and actively taking part in research projects and science-based treatments.


Premier global IVF providers

In 2018, City Fertility joined the CHA IVF global network, which has a 35-year track record as world-renowned pioneers in reproductive medicine.  CHA has achieved an exceptional international reputation for its cutting-edge academic research and technologies in reproductive medicine and IVF, with unique expertise in treating complex cases, establishing new standards for global best practices in fertility-related treatments and achieving scientific breakthroughs that have become widely accepted clinical standards today.

Amongst other accomplishments, CHA pioneered the world’s first successful pregnancy and birth through in vitro maturation of human immature oocytes (IVM) in 1988 and the world’s first successful birth with frozen oocytes using EM grids in 1999.  It is also a leading research contributor to global scientific bodies including ASRM, ESHRE and PSRM, continues to explore new scientific areas at its research institutes and clinical centres worldwide.

The Partnership is part of City Fertility’s desire to further optimise best practice in patient care. Together with CHA and SMG, we will continue to grow in Australia with a strong focus on excellence in reproductive medicine and research.

This Partnership provides City Fertility with unique access to CHA and SMG’s globally renowned medical, operational, and research & development expertise. Moreover, the Partnership further expand City Fertility’s capabilities and enhance our continued focus on delivering clinical excellence and world-class results for our patients with a specific emphasis on achieving the best pregnancy rates in Australia.


World-class results and pregnancy rates

Determining which fertility clinic best suits your needs is understandably not an easy task. To make your decision-making process as smooth as possible, we have listed below a few reassuring key points to consider regarding the benefits you can reap.

1. Access to world-class laboratories

At City Fertility we pride ourselves on the world-class laboratories in which our scientists work.

With our scientific leadership team having a combined experience of more than 60 years in the IVF and fertility industry, your gametes and embryos are in expert hands.

We incorporate the latest state-of-the-art equipment, systems and facility technologies in our laboratories to further optimise the carefully controlled environment necessary for the best IVF success rates.

Importantly for our patients, our scientists will keep you updated throughout your treatment and are also available as a resource to you. At City Fertility you can organise a scientific review of your treatment cycle at no cost.

They can discuss topics such as the freezing technology “vitrification”, which has improved IVF success rates dramatically. We also offer our patients day 5 embryo transfers; however, we are open to early transfers if supported by your treating Clinician.

2. Our specialists

City Fertility - Baby

Providing you with individually tailored and thorough care is the highest priority at City Fertility. Our approach is reflected in the fact that you will see your chosen specialist throughout your treatment cycle.

Seeing your own specialist every step of the way will provide you with continuity of care and the best chance of solving your fertility issue.

For more details on our specialists, please refer to our Specialists page.

3. Our staff

City Fertility’s experienced and dedicated nursing, scientific and administration teams work together with the sole aim of making your time with us result in a pregnancy in the most caring and empathetic way possible.

They take the time to get to know you as they guide you through the treatment process. To them you are a person, not just a patient, and they are only too happy to answer your questions.


For specific information about our clinics, please refer to our About our clinics page.

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