Fertility treatment services

Fertility treatment options to help couples or individuals fall pregnant

If you’re having difficulty falling pregnant, it’s important to know that you are not alone. One in six couples experience infertility at any given time.

Helping solve the challenges couples or individuals face on their fertility journey is why we are here. Our goal is always to try and help people achieve their dream of having a baby.

Whether you have identified the reason that is preventing you from falling pregnant, or you are still trying to discover the possible cause and potential options to make parenthood a reality, we will ensure you feel well informed and receive the best treatment and service throughout your journey.

Our highly regarded specialists will give you a personalised assessment of your chance of achieving a pregnancy, not generalities about average rates of success. They will guide you and discuss the different options available to set you on the right path to conception, based on your personal circumstances, medical history, examinations and previous care.

City Fertility is committed to combining excellent medical care with an individualised, warm and compassionate approach.

We have proudly played a part in enabling thousands of people to savour the joy of parenthood after they experienced problems falling pregnant.

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Tests & early fertility treatments

To provide you with the best options to maximise your chance of conceiving a baby our specialists can run different tests to determine the potential cause of infertility. They will always start with the most least-invasive treatment suitable for your situation.



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