Access Increased for Fertility Services in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

City Fertility Centre has expanded its services for Melbourne’s northern suburbs residents at the Northpark Private Hospital, Bundoora.

City Fertility specialist Dr Alex Eskander said couples who were undergoing fertility treatments with the clinic could now have their surgical procedures carried out at Northpark Private Hospital, instead of having to travel into inner city St Kilda.

“The number of patients seeking fertility help through our Bundoora clinic has steadily grown over the past few years, necessitating the expansion of our local services,” Dr Eskander said.

“Now we can attend to patients at the Northpark Private Hospital with the knowledge that they won’t have a long commute home ahead of them, after what can be an emotional day for them.”

Dr Eskander said one in six couples has difficulty falling pregnant, but may be reluctant to seek assistance from or ask questions of a fertility specialist, believing they had plenty of time. But the statistics show that’s not the case.

“If a couple hasn’t conceived after the first year of trying, their chance of falling pregnant in the second and third year, without the assistance of a fertility specialist, continues to decline,” he said.

Dr Eskander said women aged under 35 years trying to conceive who had not fallen pregnant within 12 months should, with their partners, seek help. Those aged over 35 should seek help after six months of trying.

He said not all couples will need to proceed to the IVF stage of treatment.

“Approximately 70 per cent of patients we see don’t need IVF, often the issue can be addressed through treatment and advice and not require you to proceed to IVF.

“Common female infertility issues that are often treatable include endometriosis, ovulation disorders and blockages and sometimes couples also just need help with timing, ovulation induction or artificial insemination,” he said.

City Fertility Centre Melbourne hosts regular free information seminars and laboratory tours, covering all aspects of fertility for couples experiencing fertility issues. Bookings can be made by calling 1300 781 483. Patients can also visit the centre’s informative website

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