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City Fertility fees

At City Fertility we do not charge an initial registration fee for standard IVF services.

Your treatment costs will vary depending on the level of assistance you require.

The fees charged by City Fertility for an IVF cycle include:

  • Comprehensive education on the treatment process.
  • Comprehensive financial quote.
  • The intensive support of a specialised team of fertility nurses and scientists.
  • Blood tests (pathology) during your IVF cycle.
  • Quantitative hormone testing (blood tests) during your IVF cycle.
  • Ultrasounds with your City Fertility Specialist during your IVF cycle.
  • Standard laboratory scientific services including extended culture.
  • Semen preparation.
  • Supportive counselling with a City Fertility-affiliated counsellor during your IVF cycle.


The following is a summary of the current City Fertility fees for international patients:

Type of treatment Cost of treatment*
Initial registration fee AU$0.00 No Registration Fee
Initial consultation fee for City Fertility specialist AU$200AU$375
IVF cycle
IVF cycle with ICSI
Fertility preservation

*These amounts exclude the fees charged by the treating specialist, anaesthetist, private hospital and pharmacy.

If you are eligible for Medicare, please click here to see your fertility treatment costs.


External fees

Specialist fees

Please contact the office of your specialist, whose details can be found in the Specialist team section of this website, for further information regarding his or her consultation and cycle fees.

Fertility medication

The cost of the medication used throughout your cycle is to be paid directly to the pharmacy that dispenses the medication. The price of this medication will vary depending on your treatment plan, but our estimate is AU$3000.

Anesthetist fees

If the egg collection is performed under general anaesthetic, your anaesthetist will bill these fees directly to you.

City Fertility recommends that you obtain a quote from the anaesthetist rooms as this is not a City Fertility fee.

If the egg collection is performed under conscious sedation, then the cost of the medication utilised will be charged to you directly from the pharmacy.

Hospital admission and bed fees

If the egg collection is performed in a private hospital, the theatre and bed fees are payable directly to the private hospital.

If you have overseas private health cover, we recommend that you liaise directly with them to see if you are covered for your treatment in a private hospital in Australia. For those who are uninsured, the full hospital fees are payable on admission.

If the egg collection is performed in a day procedure centre, the fees are payable directly to the procedure centre.  These fees may or may not be eligible for private health fund rebates.

Additional laboratory services

The majority of laboratory services are included in the fees charged by City Fertility.  However, depending on your circumstances, your specialist may recommend other specialised laboratory services to improve your chances of achieving a successful pregnancy such as Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT), specialised embryo media and donor sperm or eggs.

Please contact our friendly staff at the clinic for more information regarding the cost of these specialised laboratory services.



All City Fertility fees are payable up-front prior to the collection of any medication and your cycle commencing.

We accept the following credit cards for payment: Visa and MasterCard.



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