Fertility Wellness Program for Work

City Fertility’s Corporate Offer: Our Fertility Wellness Benefits Program

Fertility health is an issue well worth championing in the workplace, helping employees realise their aspirations to have a family.

One in six couples in Australia of child-rearing years are known to experience fertility issues. As people tend to start their families later in life, along with more diverse family arrangements, that’s likely to mean several people in any sizeable workplace are experiencing this major life issue. At work, this is currently a health issue that is invisible and misunderstood. Thankfully, it is often treatable, and there are very practical things employers can do.

Fertility preservation in the form of elective egg freezing is also now a popular option for individuals and couples wishing to delay their family-building plans to focus on their careers, studies or other important goals. With the age of female eggs being a top determining factor of female fertility, fertility preservation can help your employees take charge of their reproductive future while knowing their eggs are safely preserved and stored for when the time is right.

Fertility facts


Why fertility support is important for businesses

Internationally, employer support for fertility health and fertility treatment has been found to contribute to more equitable, engaged and productive workplaces.1

We provide some compelling reasons why your business might think about this too

Health and wellbeing

  • The demand for fertility treatment is ongoing as people are starting their families later in life, there are many diverse relationships to consider or plans may be delayed through complex medical conditions or illness. Now, one in 10 babies born to women aged 35 and older are conceived via IVF.2
  • Help your personnel make informed choices about their fertility health and obtain optimal fertility care at the right time.
  • Fertility can be impacted by a range of issues, including age, weight, exercise, diet, nutrition and other lifestyle choices. We can add value to any existing workplace wellness program that helps your teams with their health and well-being.

Engagement and productivity

  • Work is a common topic discussed in patients’ counselling sessions. People might not just be dealing with infertility and treatment but also the uncertainty of how to manage in the workplace.
  • Just acknowledging and supporting the balancing act between work and fertility treatments can make a big difference to your employee’s health and performance at work.
  • When people feel that the organisation they work for are willing to support them & invest in them, employee engagement increases.3

Diversity and inclusion

  • City Fertility, incorporating Rainbow Fertility for the LGBTI+ community & Addam Donor Bank and Eeve Donor Bank (sperm & egg donor banks), provides access to world-class fertility services.
  • A survey by Willis Towers Watson showed that 71 per cent of employers offering fertility benefits in the USA did so to support their inclusion and diversity goals and objectives.4

Recruit and retain talent

  • Provides a unique and exclusive addition to your recruitment strategy to attract & retain high-performing personnel.5
  • Demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to caring for its employees.
  • In a competitive labour market, providing a fertility support program can assist in positioning as an employer of choice.

Our comprehensive corporate offer

We are pleased to offer your employees and their family members a discount on a range of fertility services and treatments

City Fertility will support your employees with expert fertility advice and treatment, giving you the best chance of achieving your dreams of parenthood or preserving your fertility. Confidential fertility services, at a discounted rate, are available for our corporate partners on the following services:

We also offer six months of complimentary egg, sperm and embryo storage for your convenience.

Additionally, City Fertility is ready to meet your specific business requirements as a preferred fertility partner. We can integrate it into your existing wellness program. Support your business teams, provide in-house education and offer personnel and their partners a range of fertility treatments at a highly attractive discounted rate, at no cost to your organisation.

We will also come to you! In-person or virtually, City Fertility specialists can provide:

No matter your need, we will tailor a program that meets the needs of your business and will help your employees make informed choices about their fertility health.


Where to next?

For all enquiries about our Fertility Wellness Program for employers, please get in touch with Tara Malfroy at wellnessbenefits@cityfertility.com.au or 0424 148 713.


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