Fertility Wellness Program for Work

Fertility health is an issue well worth championing in the workplace, helping employees to realise their aspirations to have a family.

One in six couples in Australia of child-rearing years are known to experience fertility issues. As people are tending to start their families later in life, along with more diverse family arrangements, that’s likely to mean several people in any sizeable workplace are experiencing this major life issue. At work, this is currently a health issue that is invisible and misunderstood. Thankfully, it is often treatable and there are very practical things employers can do.

City Fertility, and its dedicated service for gender and sexuality diverse people, Rainbow Fertility, invites you to start conversations about fertility health in your workplace.

We will tailor a program that meets the needs of your business and which will help your employees make informed choices about their fertility health.

Internationally, employer support for fertility health and fertility treatment has been found to contribute to more equitable, engaged and productive workplaces.

Is your business ready to champion this important issue?

For all enquiries about our Fertility Wellness Program for employers please contact Judith Kingston at wellnessbenefits@cityfertility.com.au


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