IVF Centre Restructures Payments to Help Struggling Couples

The higher cost of IVF treatments is beginning to impact couples desperate to have a baby since the Medicare rebate changes took place earlier this year.

Couples are now out-of-pocket up to an additional $1000 on average (for a standard IVF cycle), causing greater financial and emotional pressure on what is already a stressful time according to fertility expert Dr David Wilkinson.

“We have seen a trend emerging with many of our patients now thinking twice about having subsequent IVF cycles if the first one fails and some are asking about the option of having two embryos implanted to save on costs,” Dr Wilkinson said.

“The thought of people not achieving their dream of having a baby because of Medicare rebate changes is saddening, as is the risk of multiple births to get around the financial burden.”

“Every single one of our clients wishes they weren’t in the position of having to have IVF so it is terrible to see this additional pressure on them,” he said.

Dr Wilkinson of City Fertility Centre Melbourne said that in response to the Medicare rebate changes, they had amended their payment structure in an effort to ease the financial burden on patients.

“While we can’t change the new Medicare rules, we have been working hard to find other solutions to minimise the stress associated with undergoing IVF,” he said.

The new “no up-front fees” scheme allows the centre’s patients to commence treatment and not be charged until their treatment procedure has taken place, resulting in patients only being out-of-pocket for a couple of days before the Medicare rebates are returned to them. Previously, patients were out-out-pocket for the full amount of their treatments for up to 21 days.

New flexible payment plans are also offered to meet individual patient’s needs.

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