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A new approach for women producing a low number of eggs for IVF

Are you interested in participating in a study investigating how we can help women who produce low numbers of eggs during controlled ovarian stimulation (COS)?

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At City Fertility we believe our strong focus on research allows us to provide our patients with the best chance of having a baby.

City Fertility are part of a research project with the University of New South Wales.

  • Chief Investigator: Professor Bill Ledger
  • Principal Investigator: Dr Devora Lieberman
  • Other recruiting doctors: Dr Helen Peric and Dr Natasha Andreadis


Who is eligible to take part?

We are currently recruiting patients interested in taking part in the trial at our Sydney CBD clinic.

To participate you must be 21-42 years old, with a body mass index (BMI) between 18-35, located in Sydney and you also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Under 42 years old with a lower ovarian reserve (AFC less than 5, AMH less than 8.5 pmol/L)
  • Between 35 and 42 years old with sufficient ovarian reserve but have recently had an unexpectedly poor response to standard ovarian simulation for IVF (four or less oocytes retrieved)

If you are interested in participating in the trial, contact our friendly team at 1300 354 354 or email


Rationale for the study

Approximately 10% of women undergoing COS produce an unexpectedly sub-optimal number of oocytes (eggs). There is an unmet need for a better approach to treating this group of women.

The Elonva Flare Protocol (EFP) may be a new approach to this issue.  Elonva is a long-acting type of FSH hormone. It is possible that Elonva when combined with a short agonist flare cycle, may improve FSH exposure leading to a higher oocyte yield. EFP also involves fewer injections when compared with antagonist or long down-regulation (LDR) cycles, which may be attractive to patients.


How it works

We will compare the hormone levels seen with the Elonva flare protocol with the levels in an Elonva antagonist cycle. If you agree to take part, then you would be randomly allocated to follow one of these two protocols. Importantly, both arms of the study use the Elonva long acting FSH. All other aspects of your IVF cycle would follow a standard approach.


What are the expected outcomes of this trial?

The study aims to evaluate IVF laboratory and clinical outcomes including hormone levels, egg yield, fertilisation rate, embryo development, pregnancy and live birth rates.



If you are interested in participating in the trial or if you would like further information, contact our friendly team at 1300 354 354 or email



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