Answers to your top 4 egg freezing questions

Answers to your top 4 egg freezing questions

Egg freezing FAQ

At Chill, our dedicated egg freezing service, we receive a lot of enquiries about egg freezing and thought we would share with you the answers to the top questions people are asking about our new Chill egg freeze service.

Egg freezing itself has now been around for many years, with the first live birth using frozen human eggs (oocytes) occurring twenty years ago. Birth success rates using frozen eggs are now even comparable to those using fresh eggs, indicating that egg freezing technologies have advanced considerably over the past two decades, which is all positive news if you are considering undertaking the process yourself. Read on to find out more.

What is the process for egg freezing?

The actual egg freezing process itself involves three key steps:

Ovarian stimulation: The ovaries are stimulated, to grow multiple follicles, using various medications. The response of the ovaries is monitored with ultrasounds and/or blood tests, to assess the size and quantity of follicles. In order to assist with the final maturation and the loosening of the egg from the follicle wall, an injection of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) – AKA the trigger – is administered. This is a time-dependent process and critical to the successful collection of eggs.
Egg retrieval: This is performed 35-38 hours after “the trigger” under ultrasound guidance and takes place, while you are lightly sedated, in a procedure centre or approved private hospital. The number of eggs retrieved in a single stimulation cycle will depend greatly on your health, age and how well you respond to the medications. Your specialist will plan and tailor your treatment with these, and other factors in mind.
Freezing and storage: You will be advised of the number of eggs collected and then frozen. The eggs are frozen using a world-renowned technique, commonly known as vitrification or rapid freezing.

Before this process takes place there are several steps that occur including:

  • Consultation with Chill’s nursing team to understand the process of egg freezing
  • Recording of your medical history and necessary blood tests are undertaken
  • Consultation with a Chill fertility specialist who will review your medical history, blood tests and undertake a pelvic scan
  • Creation of a tailored egg freezing treatment plan just for you in consultation with your specialist.
  • Further education sessions with Chill’s fertility nurses to guide you through your treatment cycle, medications and injections.

What is the cost?

Chill has worked hard to make the cost affordable for women, with flexible payment plans. The cost for elective (social) egg freezing through Chill is $4,900 plus medication costs of approximately $1,500 per cycle paid directly to the pharmacy, plus external fees for hospital/procedure centre an anaesthetist fees for the egg pick up. Your specialist will also charge a consultation fee of approximately $250. Storage fees for the frozen eggs are complimentary for the first 12 months, then $390 per year. Payment plans options are available which equate to approximately $111 per month over 48 months or $3.65 per day.

What is the age limit?

Chill’s suggested age range for egg freezing at Chill is 25-37 years. However, your fertility specialist will discuss your suitability and the best option for your individual situation at your first consultation.

Research shows us that by freezing eggs at a younger age, you not only preserve the egg quality (as frozen eggs don’t age), but you also have a better chance of retrieving more eggs.

Chill encourages those who are considering egg freezing, to first understand where they are today fertility-wise, prior to making any decisions about their future fertility. It is our top priority to discuss with patients their actual chances of achieving a pregnancy using frozen eggs based on their individual personal circumstances. No two women are the same.

What does the initial nurse appointment cost?

At Chill we want to help you wherever we can, and therefore provide a complimentary initial consultation with a Chill fertility nurse.

For more information or to book an appointment contact our friendly team.

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