AMH or “Egg Timer” Test Explained

AMH or “Egg Timer” Test Explained

Recent media reports have drawn considerable attention to the anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) or, as some dub it, “egg timer” test.

City Fertility Centre’s clinics in Brisbane and Melbourne and on the Gold Coast have had the AMH test available since its inception and will continue to offer it as and when required.

The test measures the blood’s AMH levels, which reflect the number of small follicles in a woman’s ovaries. These follicles enable reproduction by ensuring monthly ovulation.

Low levels of AMH (follicles in ovaries) in the blood indicate poor ovarian reserve and are therefore often a useful marker of fertility.

However, it is important to note that many women who have low AMH levels still fall pregnant. It is therefore appropriate for this test to be ordered by gynaecologists and fertility specialists who are trained to interpret the results and explain them in detail to the woman involved.

Patients who wish to have the AMH test at any of our clinics should obtain a referral from their GP.

For further information, please contact the City Fertility clinic closest to you:
Brisbane City, 1800 123 483
Brisbane Southside, 1800 483 483
Gold Coast, 1300 859 116
Melbourne, 1300 781 483

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