Celebrating the Hindu Holi festival when pregnant

Celebrating the Hindu Holi festival when pregnant

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Dr Vidhya GuptaBy Dr Vidhya Gupta, a specialist at City Fertility Brisbane Southside

Between 9 -10 March 2020, people all around the world will celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi, also known as the “Festival of Colours”.

Observed for centuries, the festival is a jubilant occasion that sees Hindus create bonfires and cover each other in rainbow-hued powder to commemorate the beginning of spring.

The festival is a significant celebration in the Hindu calendar and no doubt, if you are Hindu you will want to be part of it. However, if you are pregnant it is wise to take some careful steps for your health and safety. Some of the recommendations include:

  • Be cautious with the colours you use. Natural colours made from herbal or vegetable dyes are considered safe for you and your baby
  • There’s no celebration without a feast so choose to avoid overly sugary or ghee-laden foods, caffeine, alcoholic drinks like bhaang and always stay hydrated.
  • When stepping outdoors carry an umbrella to prevent any water or errant water balloons from hurting you. Be extra cautious when crossing busy places.
  • While most people celebrate the festival in the right spirit, Holi is often a good excuse for rowdy behaviour. Stay alert and try to keep away from rowdy gatherings.
  • While burning the Holika bonfire keep a safe distance. Ensure that the fire is lit in a properly ventilated place. If it gets too smoky move to a place with some fresh air.
  • Apply a thin layer of oil, moisturiser or petroleum jelly on your face and other exposed parts. This might help to prevent colours from being absorbed. It will also make it easier to wash the colours off afterwards.
  • Wear clothes with long sleeves or full-length pants, churidars or salwars to protect your skin.
  • Don’t let colour stay on your body for too long, wash it off before it dries. Some colours become permanent after drying and may take days to come off.
  • The floors and roads get slippery during Holi, so be careful! Wear comfortable non-slippery shoes.
  • Try not to overexert yourself. You may want to consider celebrating Holi in your own home and ask family and friends to come over

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