City Fertility Centre in Brisbane’s Southside

City Fertility Centre in Brisbane’s Southside

Word of mouth alone has kept City Fertility Centre clinicians busy since the Sunnybank clinic opened in early September after a million-dollar fitout.

Fertility expert Dr Rolf Weissenberger said about 20 patients a week had been walking through the door since the state-of-the-art clinic and lab opened to offer fertility services on Brisbane’s southside on September 7.

Three more staff were employed in the first two weeks to keep up with the demand for services.

“We have been really delighted with how the message is spreading about the clinic being here,” Dr Weissenberger said.

“The number of patients has been quite amazing.”

Dr Weissenberger is working alongside four other highly qualified fertility experts at the purpose-built centre – Dr Neil Astill, Dr Peter Fung, Dr Sharon Li and Dr Peng Ng.

“The doctors are all experienced and we all know each other well,” Dr Weissenberger said. “This helps to establish a real team spirit in the unit and provides better patient care.”

Patients are also able to take advantage of the expertise of three other associates at the centre: Dr Jenny Ho, Dr Mahomed Khatree and Dr Neroli Ngenda.

City Fertility Centre medical director Dr Ashish Das said the spacious and modern environment at the Mains Road clinic, near Sunnybank Private Hospital, would put patients at ease.

“The fact that we can do everything in one location is also a benefit because it will assist clients to reduce their stress and hopefully this will be helpful in achieving their dream of a successful pregnancy,” Dr Das said.

Dr Weissenberger said infertile couples could be confident of receiving the most up-to-date treatment at City Fertility Centre, with rapid-freezing embryo technology recently made available.

The freezing technology, called vitrification, dramatically improves embryo survival and pregnancy rates.

IVF clinics have traditionally used a slow-freeze technique with a survival rate of blastocyst embryos (after thawing) of about 60-70 per cent, but City Fertility Centre is achieving an 80-90 per cent survival rate after introducing the rapid-freeze method.

Dr Weissenberger said patients worried about fertility issues could phone City Fertility on 1800 483 483 (1800 IVF IVF) and a team of nurses and scientists would be able to offer advice and guidance.

The first City Fertility Centre clinic opened in Brisbane is at Brisbane Private Hospital in Wickham Terrace, in the city. For the convenience of their patients, the specialists at City Fertility also consult at a variety of locations around Brisbane.

For more information, please contact City Fertility Centre Southside on 1800 483 483.


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