Explore the possibilities to parenthood in 2016

Explore the possibilities to parenthood in 2016

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Now that 2016 has arrived on our doorstep, many of us have renewed optimism about the possibilities for the year ahead.

If becoming a parent is one of your goals in 2016, here are a few tips to consider:

Be as ‘Fertility Fit’ as you can be

When trying to conceive, the reproductive health of both the male and female are equally important as each contributes towards optimising the chances of pregnancy and in turn a healthy baby. Both partners should ensure they are maintaining a healthy weight by exercising and eating well. Stress levels should be kept low, caffeine and alcohol intake limited and the recommended pre-pregnancy vitamin supplements taken. For more tips on making sure you are “fertility fit”, visit our preconception care page.


Know the Facts of Fertility

Unfortunately, it is estimated that one in six couples experience trouble falling pregnant, and the causes can be simple or complex. Some of the main factors affecting fertility are age, weight, medical conditions, sperm quality and irregular menstrual cycles. Learn more about trouble falling pregnant and the factors that contribute to infertility.


Help is Available if you Need it

When things don’t seem to be falling into place with your pregnancy plan, help is available and you should not feel as though you are on your own as you are not. Statistics prove fertility issues affect many people and we have the professionals available to help you through this challenge.

The general rule is that it is wise to seek advice from your GP or a specialist if you have not achieved a pregnancy after 12 months (or six months if you are over 35) of unprotected intercourse.

The good news is that at City Fertility Centre, about two-thirds of our patients are helped with fertility treatments without requiring IVF.

However, if you feel you are not ready to speak with a specialist but would like to know more about fertility treatment options, contact our Fertility Advice Centre (FAC) coordinators to discuss your personal situation. Alternatively, we can provide a free fertility information pack or you can attend one of our information sessions. Visit our getting started page for more information.

Rest assured, if you do seek advice at City Fertility Centre you will receive an individualised, thorough approach to diagnosis and treatment. From the outset of your fertility journey, we will strive to provide clear and comprehensive information so you feel you can take part in, and make well-informed decisions about, your fertility future.


Wishing you all the best for a fertile 2016!


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