Free Fertility Advice at Marion Westfield

Free Fertility Advice at Marion Westfield

Adelaide residents can take advantage of a free fertility information service on offer in Marion next week.

City Fertility Centre will set up an information booth in the Westfield Marion shopping centre from Monday, May 28, to Sunday, June 3, to answer any of your fertility-related questions.

City Fertility Centre Adelaide medical director Dr Marcin Stankiewicz said that with official figures showing the average maternal age in Australia had reached 30, many people were having more problems falling pregnant.

“Age is one of the top reasons people have problems conceiving, as fertility declines as age increases,” Dr Stankiewicz said.

“Women are most fertile in their 20s, but due to our change in lifestyle, many people are delaying having children until after this age.

“Of course, there are a range of other issues that can impact on fertility as well, including some of the more common ones like endometriosis, ovulation disorders and blockages; however, these are mostly treatable.”

The information stand will be manned by nurses and other staff from City Fertility Centre, and visitors can undertake a free fertility health check in the form of a quiz.

Free Introduction to Fertility Treatment brochures will also be available, covering topics from “What is Infertility?” to “Optimising Your Chances” and “Possible Treatments”.

The information booth will be near Mathers from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday (9pm Thursday), and 11am to 5pm on Sunday.

For more information, contact City Fertility Adelaide on 1300 483 235 or visit


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