Free MasterClass: Female Infertility presented by Dr Lisa Harris

Get free access to our City Fertility Masterclass on Female Infertility with Dr Lisa Harris.

We are pleased to provide you with the Full Replay of our MasterClass on Female Infertility, presented by Dr Lisa Harris on August 13th 2021.

The total Runtime is 59:44

Along with answering any questions you may have, we have covered topics such as:
☑️ What is female infertility? Signs and symptoms.
☑️ Causes of female infertility.
☑️ When to seek fertility help.
☑️ Female infertility diagnosis.
☑️ Fertility treatment options.
This video assures you will leave with a wealth of knowledge and advice to help you make the best decision to suit your personal circumstances and set you on the right path towards parenthood.


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