Getting to know Dr Lisa Harris

Getting to know Dr Lisa Harris

Dr Lisa Harris, specialist at City Fertility Brisbane

Dr Lisa Harris understands the importance of a woman’s journey to motherhood, and as a mother herself, she enjoys helping others by finding solutions to fertility issues that will give them the best chance at falling pregnant.

Dr Harris is an experienced specialist having trained across three major tertiary hospitals (Mater, RBWH and Gold Coast) and has worked in obstetrics and gynaecology for 10 years. She offers the full range of IVF and fertility care, in addition to gynaecological and obstetric services.

Whether you want to become pregnant with your partner or with the help of a donor, Dr Harris will work with you to try and achieve your goal, by using best evidence and her experience to help guide the decisions made with you for your care.

Recently, we had a chat with Dr Harris about fertility and a little about what makes her tick.

  • Q: What is the most common infertility issue you see?
    Often the issue is related to the timing of ovulation and it does not usually require complex intervention to help achieve pregnancy.
  • Q: What is your top tip for improving fertility?
    Try and optimise your own health when trying to fall pregnant, but don’t wait for too long before seeking expert advice. Often there are some little things we can help you with that can make a big difference in helping you achieve a pregnancy.
  • Q: Is using the help of a donor (if required) easier now than ten years ago and why?
    Yes, definitely. The donor processes are easier, the social acceptance has improved and people are more informed about this as an option.
  • Q: What is your proudest career moment?
    There’s really not just one thing that stands out; completing my training while having 3 children, commencing private practice, presenting at educational events, seeing patients with positive outcomes. Ultimately, I feel so fortunate to work in this field and it is the little moments with patients each and every day that are the most rewarding.
  • Q: If you weren’t a doctor what would you be?
    I did a few other things before medicine and came back to medicine, so I really cannot imagine doing anything else. But I would have loved to have been a professional athlete – I just needed a little more talent and a little more luck!
  • Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
    A: I have recently become a triathlete, so I love keeping fit in the outdoors when I am not enjoying time with my family and friends.

Dr Harris is conveniently located at Watkins Medical Centre in Spring Hill, delivering at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital. She operates at Mater Adult Hospital, Spring Hill Day Surgery and Brisbane Private Hospital.

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