Introducing the Ignite Athlete Female Health and Wellbeing program

Introducing the Ignite Athlete Female Health and Wellbeing program

Image of three Australian Dolphin swimmers with text reading "Ignite Athlete Female Health and Wellbeing Program, presented by City Fertility"

Earlier this year, we announced a historic partnership with Swimming Australia and the Australia Dolphin Swim Team, supporting our commitment to the Australian sporting community.

A key component of the partnership is our development of an educational program, the Ignite Athlete Female Health and Wellbeing Program, to further the awareness, education, and knowledge of best-practice women’s health initiatives within the High-Performance environment.

The Ignite Athlete Health and Performance program will focus on critical swimming-specific women’s health topics such as the menstrual cycle, menstrual dysfunction, breast health, pelvic floor, and swimming-specific injuries and health conditions.

We are proud to announce that three leading athletes have joined the partnership as Ambassadors for the educational program, with four time Olympian and decorated Australian Dolphin Cate Campbell, Paralympic Gold Medallist and World Record holder Katja Dedekind, and two time Olympic Gold medallist and multiple World Record holder, Madi Wilson.

This collaboration aims to help give Swimming Australia a competitive edge whilst also enabling the Swimming Australia family to have a much deeper knowledge of their own health and wellbeing.

Gold-medal swimmer, Cate Campbell said it is no secret, hormonal and reproduction cycles impact female athletes and this new partnership would change Australian Swimming’s approach to coaching and supporting female swimmers.

“I’m proud to see our sport partner with a leading global network of women’s health experts and practitioners to ensure our high performance environment continues to reflect the evolving needs of our athletes,” Campbell said.

“We give so much of ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally, over the defined period of our career in the pursuit of success, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of leading a healthy life now and beyond the pool.”

“Combining our lived experience with City Fertility’s industry leading research and technology has the potential to have a significant impact on our current and future athletes.”

We hope that the addition of the Ignite Athlete Female Health and Wellbeing program will empower the Swimming Australia community to both learn from, and collaborate with global leaders in this space, driving change for Australian athletes now and into the future.

We want our collaboration to result in more gold for Australian women’s swimming team!

Stay tuned for more information regarding our exciting program.

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