International Nurses’ Day – A voice to lead

International Nurses’ Day – A voice to lead

We all know that nurses play a crucial role in keeping people healthy and caring for them and their families during the happiest and saddest times in their lives. The global COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world just how important nurses are, and perhaps a greater appreciation of their professional expertise and commitment, to care for their patients, despite the risks.

In honour of International Nurses Day, we caught up with one of our registered nurses, Molly Toogood, to give you an insight into what it takes to be a nurse in the world of fertility and their role in helping people realise their dreams to have a family.


Molly’s path to nursing, and fertility health

With her mum a nurse, Molly knew from a young age that she wanted to follow in her footsteps.  Always passionate about women’s health, Molly completed her nursing graduate year at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne where she loved her six-month rotation in the neonatal unit (NICU) and which then became her job for the next six years.

“Whilst caring for the babies in the NICU I spent many hours talking to their parents, many of whom had struggled with fertility. No two stories were the same and this ignited a desire to learn more about fertility and women’s reproductive health. I moved to Sydney three years ago and took the move as a good opportunity to pursue my interest in fertility. Every day I am learning something new.”

 “The fertility journey and treatment can be an emotional rollercoaster and it is very rewarding to provide support to people during those tough times. Also, it is a pretty amazing thing to play a part in helping people create their families!”

With the demand for donor sperm and donor eggs increasing, Molly works closely with City Fertility’s central Donor team and provides education and support to the nursing team with their patients. There are many reasons why people undergo treatment with donor gametes (eggs or sperm) and demand is high.

“Recently we launched the Addam app where people can easily review the donor profiles. This has really increased demand and improved access to a much-needed service. We also have a partnership with The World Egg Bank to offer our patients donor eggs with no waiting time.”


Optimistic for the future of nursing

As a registered nurse for nine years now, and having worked in two very different healthcare settings, Molly is extremely optimistic about the future of nursing.

 “I think the pandemic has demanded the world step-up and notice the work that nurses do. A strong and effective nursing profession depends on people having respect and support for our nurses.”

Molly has given thought to this year’s theme for International Nurses’ Day: Nurses: A Voice to Lead, A Vision for Future Healthcare.

“While many people were at home, keeping themselves and their families safe, nurses were putting their lives, as well as their families’ lives on the line.  I hope that the pandemic has shined a spotlight on nursing and healthcare generally, and will help to accelerate change and innovation needed to shape the future of health care, for the better and for everyone.”

For anyone thinking of a career in nursing, Molly has some words of wisdom to offer them, if they ask. “​Nursing is such a broad career choice; the options really are endless. It takes all different personalities and cultural backgrounds, ages, genders and identities to really provide holistic health care. So, there is definitely a nursing job out there for you and it will benefit everyone,” she says.

For Molly, she loves her role as a fertility nurse, and feels like she has found her passion. “To be able to play a part in helping people create their families and see how much joy it brings them, that is what motivates me everyday to come to work”

Happy International Nurses’ Day 2021.



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