Protecting your precious gametes and embryos

Protecting your precious gametes and embryos

When it comes to assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures involving eggs, sperm and embryos, ensuring gamete safety and accuracy is of utmost importance. Witnessing or “double checking” at every critical stage of the process is one way we ensure the safety of our gametes and embryos. At our clinics, in addition to our comprehensive quality management system, we have implemented an additional 2-stage monitoring system that includes a state-of-the-art electronic witnessing system called the RI Witness ART Management System.

RI Witness: The global gold standard

The RI Witness ART Management System is the world’s most established and trusted ART witnessing system, setting the global gold standard for ensuring errors are prevented in IVF laboratories. This technology utilises Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to continuously detect and monitor work within our andrology and embryology labs. RFID technology eliminates the potential for human error associated with misperception and repetitive tasks, creating a robust and reliable system.

The core functionality of the RI Witness system is its ability to automatically monitor all critical stages of the IVF process, from sperm preparation to the use of sperm in the lab. By leveraging RFID technology, the system ensures real-time tracking and verification of procedures, leaving no room for oversight or ambiguity. If, at any stage of the process, an incorrect sample is placed near/ in the vicinity of the reciprocal sample, the RI witnessing system will alarm to prevent our scientists from proceeding.


Physical Witnessing Checkpoints

To further enhance the safety and accuracy of the process, we have implemented a secondary check involving physical witnessing checkpoints.  This process requires two people to check and witness the identification/labelling of the relevant samples, and then their two signatures are recorded to verify the double-checking process at every crucial stage of the treatment process. These witnessing checkpoints act as an additional layer of protection, confirming that the correct gametes/sample are being used throughout the process.

  1. Prior to use: All recipient paperwork is double-checked to ensure the correct donor code is present on all documents and matches the original selection made by the recipient.
  2. Sample Retrieval: Before the IVF process begins, two scientists witness the removal of the correct donor sample from our cryotanks. This initial step establishes the foundation for the entire procedure.
  3. Sperm Preparation: After thawing and before sample preparation begins, two scientists witness and scan the sample with the RI Witness system, matching it to the recipient. The final preparation tube is also RI labelled before moving to the next phase of the process.
  4. Use in the Embryology Laboratory: For a donor insemination, the final witnessing checkpoint occurs just before insemination, with a scientist, clinician and patient all involved in checking the final sample. For IVF procedures, two scientists manually witness the sample and oocytes in the laboratory before insemination occurs. In both situations, RI witness is also utilised, with sperm tubes and oocyte dishes all tagged by the RI system. Patients are also allocated an ID card which gives an extra layer of identification prior to insemination, egg collection or embryo transfer.


Our Commitment to Donor Safety

At our clinics, the safety of our patients and their precious embryos and gametes is our top priority and a crucial aspect of our laboratory policies and procedures. Combining our comprehensive quality system with the RI Witness ART Management System and the practice of physical witnessing at each critical stage of the process,  we have established a comprehensive approach to ensure the highest level of accuracy and safety for our patients. By continuing to invest in advanced technology and maintaining rigorous quality system protocols, we remain at the forefront of IVF laboratories worldwide, providing our patients with the best possible care and outcomes.

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