Important announcement for all Victorian patients

Important announcement for Victorian patients

Blog article image. Heading: Victorian Government passes the bill to remove police and child protection order checks

City Fertility is extremely excited about the recent bill passed on 4th June by the Victorian Government, to remove the requirement for couples and individuals undergoing Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) to carry out police and child protection order checks before accessing treatment.

Government officials have advised that the amendments to the bill will take place 28 days after the Royal Assent, which is due to take place in the coming week. Until this time, patients are still required to obtain, and complete police and child protection checks.


The removal of the checks has come as a welcome change, allowing for fairer, affordable, and easier access to ART services for all Victorians; whilst removing the unnecessary delays, costs, and distress initially associated with the checks.

The change will impact an estimated 25,000 women and their partners who access ART in Victoria each year.

The changes respond to concerns about the requirements for the checks raised during the landmark independent review of Assisted Reproductive Treatment in Victoria by Michael Gorton AM, with many patients describing them as unfair, humiliating and a cause of distress.

All Assisted Reproductive Treatment clinics will still need to ensure the welfare and best interests of the child to be born are paramount when deciding to treat a woman.

This new legislation decision now brings Victoria in line with the rest of the nation, which is fair and equitable, for which City Fertility amongst many others are thankful to the Victorian Government.

City Fertility will provide a final notice once the amendment is fully in place.  In the meantime, our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have, please call our Fertility Advice Team on
1300 354 354 or email:



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