South Australian Patients Please be Reassured

South Australian Patients Please be Reassured

30.09.16 SA Patients

City Fertility Centre Adelaide did not experience any loss of power to its laboratories and storage facilities in Adelaide during the recent major storm event. We are pleased to advise there was no level of compromise to any embryos or eggs in our incubators.

The hospital back-up generator in our clinic located in the Western Hospital Henley Beach, activated immediately, resulting in no interruption at all to our power supply.

As a secondary precaution, all City Fertility Centre clinics have UPS systems attached to all incubators containing embryos/media. These will activate immediately should the power be cut and if required can supply power to these incubators for a number of hours unassisted.

In addition, City Fertility Centre has a third power back-up option in the form of a portable generator in each clinic, which can be accessed quickly in extreme circumstances.

All frozen embryos at our clinics will always remain unaffected by power interruptions as they are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks which do not require power.


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