Adnan Catakovic

Adnan Catakovic

Scientific and Managing Director

Adnan Catakovic

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    Adnan Catakovic is a founding partner of City Fertility and has been involved in IVF laboratory services since the 1980s. He completed his tertiary training at the Queensland University of Technology, obtaining his master’s at the same institution in 1992. Adnan’s master’s thesis was on the Co-culture of Human Embryos in their Autologous Granulosa/Cumulus Cell Complex, for which he received a high distinction.

    Adnan has been involved in the establishment of about 12 IVF laboratories and entire IVF programs.

    He has worked and consulted in IVF clinics throughout Australia, the US and Canada and has acted as a consultant for Cytopath in England.

    Adnan’s primary driver in any laboratory system is an “all care and all responsibility” approach from his teams at all times. He is strongly committed to his teams maintaining high levels of not just technical competence but also a thorough academic competence while still understanding the needs of the couples.

    All of the IVF team understands the need to keep couples thoroughly informed during their City Fertility experience.



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