Dr Suzan Elharmeel

Dr Suzan Elharmeel

MBBS (Egypt), FRANZCOG, RCOG Associate

Dr Suzan Elharmeel

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    Find me at:

    • Benowa

      AHC House, Suite 2A, Level 1, 14 Carrara Street,
      Benowa , QLD 4217

    Available For:

    • Telehealth Consultation

    1300 354 354

    “Caring for women through their lives is my passion. I believe in offering a personalised service that respects my patients’ wishes and strive to ensure they receive the best support and treatment available.”

     Dr Elharmeel works primarily in: 

    • Gynaecology.
    • Obstetrics.
    • Laparoscopy.
    • Pelvic floor surgery.
    • IVF and fertility care.

    Dr Elharmeel is a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, and has a passion for caring for women through every step of their lives, especially their fertility journey.

    She moved to Australia after completing her initial medical degree in Egypt. By 2003, after completing her Australian training, she began working in what are known as the top hospitals across New South Wales and Queensland, including the Royal Brisbane and Women’s, Gold Coast Hospital, Westmead and the Prince of Wales.

    Dr Elharmeel’s services cover all aspects of pregnancy, from preconception care, fertility and IVF to antenatal care, both low and high-risk, and acute obstetric care. She conducts private deliveries at Pindara Private Hospital.

    Dr Elharmeel also provides a broad range of other services, including general gynaecology and the management of disorders of menstruation, pelvic pain, endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery, pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence.

    She has a special interest in cervical/Pap smear abnormalities.

    Dr Elharmeel is a certified colposcopist, giving her patients the guarantee of a high-quality colposcopy assessment. She also provides an extensive range of services relating to women’s health.

    Dr Elharmeel is an associate of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) in the UK and a fellow of its Australian counterpart (RANZCOG). She is also a member of the Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand (SOMANZ).

    Being a mother of three girls herself, Dr Elharmeel appreciates the high expectations of women and their families during pregnancy. Caring for you is her first priority. She strives to ensure you receive the best treatment options available, and values patient education and patient-centred healthcare.

    Dr Elharmeel believes in offering a personalised service that respects her patients’ wishes and ensures they receive the support and treatment that suits their medical needs as well as their lifestyle.

    She is a senior lecturer at Griffith University and a member of numerous associations, which enables her to keep up with the latest technology, techniques and practices to ensure her patients receive the best treatments available. For her patients, this means they can trust that she is experienced, up to date and knowledgeable.

    The Leading Physicians of the World recognised Dr Suzan Elharmeel as the 2015 Top Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.


    Dr Elharmeel is a member of:

    • SOMANZ – Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand.
    • AGES – Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy & Surgery.
    • UGSA ­– UroGynaecological Society of Australasia.
    • IUGA – International Urogynaecological Association.
    • FSA – Fertility Society of Australia.
    • CF – City Fertility.


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    Get to know your doctor

    • I grew up… in Egypt surrounded by the richness of ancient history and the warmth and kindness of its population, hand in hand with the Middle East’s tension and boiling politics, which I hated, hence my emigration to Australia.
    • I start my day by… getting a big hug and kiss from each of my three beautiful girls as it simply recharges my inner drive and boosts my strength to start another day with lots of love to the whole world.
    • When I am not working… I enjoy family gatherings, whether indoors or outdoors, going to the gym (struggling to lose weight) and, most importantly, lots of shopping, especially nice shoes. I also enjoy learning. I always keep up to date with the most recent conferences and regularly upgrade my skills with various workshops.
    • I wish I could… follow through every successful infertility case and see those embryos that we transferred through to their childhood, adulthood and, even more so, to see their children.
    • Most people don’t know that… I am a great cook. I get away from cooking for family and friends as I am always busy, to the degree that everyone thought that I cannot cook.
    • When I was growing up, I wanted to be… an ophthalmologist. I always thought the eyes were the doorway to the soul. Then I realised that just by being sincere and caring you can connect with everyone.
    • My favourite holiday spot is… Byron Bay, Clarkes Beach (who doesn’t like it?!)
    • My greatest achievement is … having both a wonderful family (three beautiful girls and a loving husband) and being a FRANZCOG and working in a field that I love and enjoy. Obviously, the most exciting part is working in infertility.
    • The one person I would have liked to have met is… the first IVF baby. I wonder how she felt through her life being so unique and different.
    • The best advice my parents gave me was… one should always do his best and be generous to everyone else regardless of their show of appreciation.




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