The Key to Optimising IVF Success Rates

The Key to Optimising IVF Success Rates

City Fertility Centre is able to boast some of the highest pregnancy success rates of any fertility organisation in the country and its professional laboratories and expertise are key reasons, according to the company’s scientific director, Adnan Catakovic.

“Before we opened our first lab, we had six to 10 months of preparations to ensure the highest standards of operation,” Mr Catakovic said.

“We are always reviewing our techniques and procedures to ensure that the labs are operating at optimal levels.”

City Fertility Centre is achieving pregnancy rates of more than 40 per cent by using the vitrification technique to freeze embryos – which is significantly better than the slow-freeze method, according to the company’s data.

Mr Catakovic said City Fertility Centre had been quick to adopt the vitrification method, or fast-freezing, because it was the best way to ensure clients achieved their pregnancy dream.

He said City Fertility Centre scientists were “obsessive about getting things right” in their laboratories, and ongoing staff training ensured best-practice methods were used.

“Our lab staff are available for patients to talk to so that they fully understand that essential part of the process,” Mr Catakovic said.

City Fertility Centre expanded its services for patients on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane this year and also operates in Melbourne.

For further information, please contact the City Fertility Centre closest to you:
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