Eeve Donor Bank: The one stop solution for egg donor recipients

Eeve Donor Bank: The one stop solution for egg donor recipients

First comes Addam then comes Eeve.

Eeve Donor Bank, Australia’s leading donor egg bank, has been designed to help couples and individuals on their journey to parenthood in a few simple swipes.

“Eeve Donor Bank empowers couples and individuals to take control of what is often a stressful process for those who require eggs to achieve a pregnancy,” said Dr Simone Campbell, City Fertility Brisbane Medical Director and fertility specialist.

“For a long time now, finding an egg donor has been a lengthy, laborious task, years ago women even resorted to taking out newspaper ads. This app will make that process much easier and more streamlined,” Dr Campbell added.

As Australia’s premier donor egg bank, Eeve Donor Bank is an easy-to-use selection tool to assist you to find clinic-recruited donors based on the qualities that are most essential to you.

“Patients are now able to scroll through the list of egg donors in the privacy of their homes and take their time in choosing the most suitable donor for them,” Dr Campbell advised.

With a broad selection of clinic-recruited donors with a range of attributes, ethnicities and backgrounds to choose from, Eeve Donor Bank is the perfect place to find your ideal donor. This can be achieved either using the Eeve Donor Bank app or via the website.

Eeve Donor Bank’s free donor search functionality is the first of its kind in Australia, simplifying the donor selection process. This allows you to apply filters based on details such as eye colour, height and more, to view and select the egg donors who fit your criteria. Recipients can then narrow down their search by swiping left or right to narrow down their selection.

Once you have chosen your preferred donors, you can register online to view the extended donor profiles and make your final request. The extended donor profiles offer more detailed information about the donor’s personal characteristics, family and medical history and more.

To finalise your donor request, you submit your preferred donor, and an appointment is arranged with a City Fertility specialist to discuss treatment options and guide you on your next steps towards parenthood.

There are many benefits of using a clinic-recruited egg donor through City Fertility. These benefits include: knowing that the donor has undertaken counselling and understands the implications and legalities of being a donor, including no legal rights to the child; that the quality of the egg has been checked; that thorough medical screenings has been completed to exclude any transmittable or genetic diseases and a limit is placed on the number of families that result from each donor.

“It’s hard enough to have to deal with infertility, then navigating the process of sourcing an egg donor as well,” said donor-recipient Brooke Nicholls.

“I found my own donor in the end, had there been an app like Eeve Donor Bank available when I was searching it certainly would have made it a lot easier and far less stressful.”

All of the egg donors listed on the app are clinic-recruited donors aged between 18-32 years and comply with Australian Federal and State legislation.

Eeve Donor Bank provides clinic-recruited donors both locally recruited through our partner company Egg Donors Australia, and overseas donors from The World Egg and Sperm Bank, and Genesis International Egg and Sperm Centre, who also comply with Australian regulations.

“I donate blood, I’m signed up for bone marrow donation and I’m an organ donor, I thought egg donation was another way I could help those who needed it,” said Nicola (surname withheld), who has been a donor for the past 12 months and has been through two egg retrieval or collection procedures.

“If Eeve Donor bank makes it easier for struggling parents to find the ideal donor, then that is the best possible outcome.”

Eeve Donor Bank can also be downloaded from the  App store and on Google Play Store.

To learn more about Eeve Donor Bank please visit Eeve’s website or contact our friendly team on 1300 003 383.

For all other enquiries, we welcome you to contact City Fertility on 1300 354 354 or via our enquiry form.


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