Dr Simone Campbell

Dr Simone Campbell


Dr Simone Campbell

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Find me at:

  • Watkins Medical Centre

    Level 10, 225 Wickham Terrace,
    Spring Hill, QLD 4000

Available For:

  • Telehealth Consultation

1300 354 354

Dr Simone Campbell’s aim is to maximise your fertility potential by tailoring solutions to your unique requirements. 

Dr Campbell works primarily in:

  • IVF and fertility care.
  • Gynaecology.

Dr Campbell graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993 and completed her obstetrics and gynaecology training in Queensland. She also completed a Master of Reproductive Medicine in 2010.

Dr Campbell has been a specialist consultant for more than 10 years, and has practised fertility medicine for the past seven years. From 2007-12 she ran a successful IVF, fertility and gynaecology practice in Canberra.

Dr Campbell prides herself on effective and clear communications with her patients and ensures they fully understand the fertility process by taking the time to explain it in everyday language.




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