Expert IVF & fertility care, you can trust

Expert IVF & fertility care, you can trust

Fertility is a very personal thing. Individuals and couples put trust in the expertise of embryologists and specialists in the hope of having a family.

Oftentimes they may feel anxious about fertility treatment as it is a foreign and new process to them. As fertility specialists, it is our job to ensure we support them, with the highest quality care and assurance.

City Fertility has 21 years of experience to its name and during the past two decades has assisted its patients through their fertility journey, delivering over 18,000 babies.

We have over 50 consulting locations, 60+ specialists, and more than 16 IVF clinics and state-of-the-art laboratories nationwide.


World-class tech

With our scientific leadership team having a combined experience of more than 60 years in the IVF and fertility industry, your gametes and embryos are in expert hands.

We incorporate the latest state-of-the-art equipment, systems and facility technologies in our laboratories to further optimise the carefully controlled environment necessary for the best IVF success rates.

Importantly for our patients, our scientists will keep you updated throughout your treatment and are also available as a resource to you. At City Fertility you can organise a scientific review of your treatment cycle at no cost.

Our team can discuss topics such as time-lapse technology, embryo culture media, day five embryo transfers (blastocyst transfers), “clean room laboratories”, preimplantation genetic screening and the freezing technology ‘vitrification’, which have all contributed to improving IVF success rates dramatically.


Diversity of services

At City Fertility we know that one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s why we offer a breadth of services tailored specifically to each segment of the community.

  • Fertility Specialist of Western Australia – Fertility and IVF services provided in WA
  • First Step Fertility – low-cost IVF
  • Rainbow Fertility – fertility and IVF tailored for the LGBTI community
  • Chill Egg Freeze – dedicated egg freezing service
  • Addam – sperm donor bank exclusively for City Fertility Group patients
  • Eeve – egg donor bank exclusively for City Fertility Group patients
  • Insem – dedicated insemination clinic
  • Sperm Donors Australia – recruits sperm donors exclusively for City Fertility Group patients
  • Egg Donors Australia – recruits eggs donors exclusively for City Fertility Group patients


Donor services

Since establishing itself in 2003, City Fertility Group has registered all its donors – that’s 21 years of record-keeping and due diligence. City Fertility’s donors are all medically screened and counselled to ensure they fully understand the legalities involved in becoming a donor.

City Fertility has its own sperm and egg donor apps – Addam and Eeve – where individuals can scroll through donor profiles and ‘like’ the ones they are interested in.

Photos of the donors as babies often accompany their profile and each can be filtered according to ethnicity, hair, eye colour, and even personality traits.

“At City Fertility we are all about the highest quality patient care,” says Chief Executive Officer, Adnan Catakovic.

“A clinic-recruited donor recipient is given the profile of the potential donor, made up of non-identifying details such as physical features, personal interests, educational background, career and medical history.

“Donation is altruistic, which means they are not paid, and they cannot be identified, and screening and counselling is of the utmost importance to us, as is privacy,” he added.

When it comes to the recipient of a donor, according to NHMRC Ethical Guidelines on the Use of Assisted Reproductive Technology in Clinical Practice and Research (2017), the recipient is entitled to the following information about the donor:

“Details of past medical history, family history and any genetic test results that are relevant to the future health of the person born (or any subsequent offspring of that person) and the recipient of the donation; details of the physical characteristics of the gamete donor; and the number, age and sex of persons conceived using the gametes donated by the same gamete donor.”

Additionally, when it comes to assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures involving eggs, sperm and embryos, ensuring gamete safety and accuracy is of utmost importance.  At our clinics, in addition to our comprehensive quality management system, we have implemented an additional 2-stage monitoring system that includes a state-of-the-art electronic witnessing system called the RI Witness ART Management System.

The RI Witness ART Management System is the world’s most established and trusted ART witnessing system, setting the global gold standard for ensuring errors are prevented in IVF laboratories. This technology utilises Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to continuously detect and monitor work within our andrology and embryology labs. RFID technology eliminates the potential for human error associated with misperception and repetitive tasks, creating a robust and reliable system.

The core functionality of the RI Witness system is its ability to automatically monitor all critical stages of the IVF process, from sperm preparation to the use of sperm in the lab. By leveraging RFID technology, the system ensures real-time tracking and verification of procedures, leaving no room for oversight or ambiguity. If, at any stage of the process, an incorrect sample is placed near/ in the vicinity of the reciprocal sample, the RI witnessing system will alarm to prevent our scientists from proceeding.

To further enhance the safety and accuracy of the process, we have implemented a secondary check involving physical witnessing checkpoints.  This process requires two people to check and witness the identification/labelling of the relevant samples, and then their two signatures are recorded to verify the double-checking process at every crucial stage of the treatment process. These witnessing checkpoints act as an additional layer of protection, confirming that the correct gametes/sample are being used throughout the process.

City Fertility would like to ensure all Australians, that it is a provider they can trust and if you choose to go on your assisted reproductive journey with us, you’re in good hands.

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