Q&A with the powerhouse specialist Dr Devora Lieberman

Q&A with the powerhouse specialist Dr Devora Lieberman

Dr Devora Lieberman, City Fertility Sydney

Dr Devora Lieberman, Sydney fertility and IVF specialistDr Devora Lieberman, clinical director and a specialist at City Fertility Sydney CBD


City Fertility has recently welcomed Dr Devora Lieberman to our team in the role of Clinical Director of City Fertility’s new Sydney CBD clinic.

With over 25 years’ experience in gynaecology, IVF and fertility care, Dr Lieberman is also a published co-author of Empowered Fertility, and a past Director of the Fertility Society of Australia.

Dr Lieberman holds a special interest in ovarian ageing, miscarriage and genetic disease. Many of the patients she treats have suffered from recurrent miscarriage or IVF failure, and Dr Lieberman has provided persistent support to achieve a successful outcome.

Dr Lieberman is a passionate advocate for women’s health and is also very active outside of her day-to-day practice. She served as president of Family Planning NSW for 12 years, and as president of Sexual Health and Family Planning for two years. She has published papers and articles on women’s health and regularly undertakes speaking opportunities. She holds qualifications from The State University of New York and Harvard, and completed her medical residency in Washington DC.

Recently, we asked Dr Lieberman about what makes her tick, we hope you enjoy learning a little more about her too.

Q. As an obstetrician and gynaecologist why did you choose to specialise in the area of fertility?

A. I am a strong believer in reproductive choice. In fact, I went to medical school because I wanted to be President of Planned Parenthood one day. There are two sides to choose, though, and I am now just as passionate about helping people who want to become parents as well as those who do not.

Q. In general, what is the biggest challenge people need to overcome when they are experiencing fertility issues?

A. The unknown. I often tell patients that my crystal ball is broken. We do not know what the other side will look like and what it will take to get there. That is why Claire Hall and I wrote Empowered Fertility to help people coach themselves through infertility and its treatment.

Q. What is the most common fertility problem you see that can be resolved?

A. Sometimes it is simple lifestyle changes that can make all the difference. Being in a healthy weight range, not smoking or drinking excessively, are things couples can do to help themselves most. And more sex.

Q. What is your favourite travel destination and why?

A. New York because it is home and, well, it’s New York!

Q. If you could have three people for dinner who would they be and why?

A. I would invite: Firstly, Ronan Farrow, as I’ve just finished his book Catch and Kill, which is about sexual predators in positions of power. He is doing a podcast now and it is riveting; Secondly, Hilary Clinton, because she would have so many fascinating stories; Thirdly, my grandmother, as she was a proud and independent woman and I still miss her today.

Q. As a New Yorker originally, why did you choose Australia?

A. Actually, I was living in Boston before I migrated in 1997 to marry my now-husband, he is Northern Beaches born and bred, and told me ‘there’s no surf in Boston Harbor!’

If you would like to discuss your fertility with Dr Lieberman please don’t hesitate to contact our Fertility Advice centre team.

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