Male age an Important Factor in Pregnancy Success

By Dr Ashish Das, Medical Director at City Fertility Centre Brisbane  While women have often been the focus of infertility concerns, a recent study has found that a man’s

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Understanding the Steps of IVF

ivf photo with text

By Dr Marcin Stankiewicz, Medical Director at City Fertility Centre Adelaide. Do just the words In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) make you shudder? Well there is no need to fear

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We’re Smiling and so are our 5000 babies!

cheeky baby in bushes

Reaching our 5,000 babies born milestone has involved a lot of determination and hard work from both our patients and the City Fertility Centre team.

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IVF and Genetic Testing

Scientist handling frozen sample

By Dr Stephen Lane, specialist at City Fertility Centre Adelaide.  You have heard about genetic testing of embryos but don’t really understand who needs it, why people would

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Making The Patient The Priority

Blurred green canopy

By Adnan Catakovic, CEO and Scientific Director, City Fertility Centre There is currently a great deal of public debate and discussion about the IVF industry in Australia. City Fertility Centre understands that

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Fertility Options for Single Women

Female patient smiling

By Dr Peng Ng, specialist at City Fertility Centre Brisbane Southside. Making decisions about your fertility can be a daunting prospect if you are single, but the good news is there

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IVF Success Rates Debate

IVF success rates debate

By Adnan Catakovic, Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director of City Fertility Centre. There is currently a great deal of public debate and discussion about IVF success rates

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An Inspiring IVF Journey

Winter Olympian Jacqui Cooper with her kids

“Ultimately, have faith in the process and people in charge of your treatment.” Jacqui Cooper represented Australia in the sport of aerial skiing for 20

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The Best of 2015

Best of 2015

Over the past year we have shared a range of informative articles with you from our specialists, covering a host of fertility topics. The aim

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Understanding the two-week wait in IVF

Pensive woman biting nail

By Dr Marcin Stankiewicz, Medical Director of City Fertility Centre Adelaide. During an IVF cycle, the two-week wait between embryo transfer and the pregnancy result can often be stressful. The

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