City Fertility Toowoomba Now Open

City Fertility Toowoomba Now Open

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City Fertility is proud to announce the opening of our new Fertility and IVF clinic in Toowoomba.

Combined with a local expert medical team and partnership with global leader CHA Medical Group, our Toowoomba clinic provides a personalised patient experience to maximise our patients’ outcomes.

City Fertility Toowoomba will be serviced by dedicated specialists Dr Anthony Cerqui and Dr Lanziz Homar. Our two local high calibre specialists, combined with our access to top global fertility research and development through our partnership with CHA Medical Group, means City Fertility continues to offer exceptional care and treatment for our patients.

With over 20 years of medical experience in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics, Dr Anthony Cerqui uses his extensive knowledge and experience to support and guide his patients through every step of their fertility journey. Dr Cerqui’s strong drive for helping his patients achieve their dreams of parenthood is echoed in his exceptional patient care along with his friendly and caring disposition.

Dr Lanziz Homar also provides specialised care in fertility, gynaecology and obstetrics and is known for providing every patient with personalised, respectful and gentle holistic care. Dedicated to giving his patients the best chance to achieve their dream of having a baby, Dr Homar is passionate about empowering his patients and ensuring they are fully informed to make the best decisions.


City Fertility Toowoomba offers:

  • A comprehensive range of services to suit your unique fertility needs.
  • Continuity of care by seeing the same specialist throughout your journey with us.
  • One-on-one access to our specialised staff including patient services, nurse coordinators, embryologists and counsellors, all of whom are dedicated to providing you with exceptional care and support.
  • A fully equipped IVF laboratory.
  • City Fertility’s partnership with CHA Medical Group offers world-class, pioneering solutions and treatment through access to top global fertility research and development.


As part of City Fertility’s holistic approach to fertility treatments, City Fertility Toowoomba provides sperm and egg donor and recipient programmes (Addam Donor Bank, The World Egg and Sperm Bank, Sperm Donors Australia and Egg Donors Australia), LGBTI+ fertility services (Rainbow Fertility) and egg freezing (Chill Egg Freeze Australia).

To find out more about City Fertility Toowoomba (Medici Medical Centre, Suite 109, 15 Scott Street, East Toowoomba) including IVF payment plan options available contact our friendly staff on 1300 354 354.


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