Coping with fertility treatment during COVID-19

Coping with fertility treatment during COVID-19


Coping with a global pandemic is hard, let alone having to manage fertility treatment at the same time. But the fact is we have little choice in the matter, so at City Fertility we are here to support you in the best possible way we can during these difficult times.

Here we have included some tips from our experienced counsellors and specialists, to help ease the pressure you might be feeling during these uncertain times.

Coping Tips

  • Focus on the things that you can control: By doing this you can be proactive and channel your energy into things you have the ability to influence which many people find empowering. Things you can control include diet, exercise, sleep, self-care etc. but be balanced in this and don’t be too restrictive.


  • Make use of our resources: City Fertility has a comprehensive education e-book full of important information fertility treatment including a number of remote learning support videos which we can share with you to watch from your home. These videos include information on understanding the menstrual cycle, the fertility window, the IVF process including starting treatment, giving injections and egg retrieval, embryology and embryo transfer.


  • Be kind to yourself: Fertility treatment can be an emotional rollercoaster; it is normal to find you cope well some days and others your emotions are a little overwhelming. On those tougher days, consider taking time out for yourself to engage in whatever self-care works best for you – it may be having a good cry, time alone, time with friends or family, doing something you enjoy.


  • Develop and maintain good self-care practices: Make these part of your daily or weekly routine and use them regularly; prioritise these to assist with your well-being. Self-care is very personal but could include things such as reading, music, exercise, time with family or friends (where possible), soak in a bath, fresh flowers, meditation, engaging with spirituality etc.


  • Consider limiting the amount of time spent focussing on infertility: You could set a daily time limit (e.g. 30 minutes) or a specific number of times per week. During this time give yourself permission to think about, talk about, research infertility and treatment as much as you like, but once the time is over try to set it aside until the same time the next day/occasion. Although difficult, it is important not to let fertility treatment consume you.


  • Keep progressing your parenthood dream: While many things have changed during COVID, it doesn’t mean you need to stop progressing your dream of becoming a parent. If you are an existing patient you can continue your discussions and treatment plan with your clinic team and specialist. All our clinics are operating in a COVID-safe manner and have a range of options to keep you on track. Should you be a new patient, you can make contact with your local clinic and discuss the options for a first appointment whether that is at a clinic or via our virtual consults.


  • Ask for help if needed: If your feelings seem to be increasing in intensity or lasting more than a few days please seek professional support through your specialist.


Although the world is a different place at the moment due to COVID-19, the City Fertility team are here for you to help you continue your fertility journey and to help you try to achieve your desire to be a parent sooner rather than later.


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