Hassle-free IVF payment plans take the financial worries away

Hassle-free IVF payment plans take the financial worries away

hassle free payment plans


At City Fertility we understand that when you experience trouble falling pregnant, it can be extremely stressful, let alone worrying about how to fund extra services like IVF if you need them.

Of course most people starting out with fertility treatment will have many questions such as: Will I need to undergo an IVF cycle? How much will IVF cost?  How many IVF cycles will it take? What additional treatments will I need to pay for? etc.

Here we will explain what the usual fees are when undergoing an IVF cycle and the range of payment options our clinics offer.

Naturally, your treatment costs will vary depending on the level of assistance you require. So following your initial consultation with one of our specialists, you will be scheduled for a complimentary pre-treatment information session with one of our experienced fertility nurses and patient services teams. At this point, all aspects of your fertility treatment, including the cost structure, will be discussed with you.

How much does IVF cost?

If your specialist determines that you require IVF treatment, it may be possible to claim a portion of the fees back, if you are eligible for a Medicare rebate. At our clinics the IVF fees include:

  • A comprehensive education session with a fertility nurse.
  • Quantitative hormone testing (blood tests) during your 30 day IVF cycle.
  • All ultrasounds with your specialist during your 30 day IVF cycle.
  • Most embryology/laboratory services.
  • Semen preparation for IVF.
  • Consultation with a City Fertility affiliated dietitian.
  • The intensive support of a specialised team of nurse coordinators and scientists.
  • Counselling appointments with a City Fertility affiliated counsellor during your 30 day IVF cycle

The current out-of-pocket costs after Medicare Benefits (as at 1 January 2018) for an initial consultation with one of our specialists range between $200 and $300 (depending on specialist) and the first IVF cycle is $4097.15 with subsequent cycles $3541.50 in the same calendar year.

Costs not covered in the IVF cycle price are: specialist consultation fees; a PBS co-payment for each type of fertility medication (usually around $200 per cycle); anaesthetist fees; hospital fees; other laboratory services in addition to the standard embryology services.

For more information, please visit the Treatment Costs section on our website.

What are the various payment options for IVF?

City Fertility offers several payment plan options for IVF cycles. These payment options are only available for City Fertility fees and cannot be used to pay for external provider fees such as hospital, anaesthetist, pharmacy and specialist fees.
The payment options available to choose from are:

  • No up-front payment plan: A flexible payment plan that allows patients to commence their IVF cycle and delay payment until the day that egg collection takes place. Medicare, rebates are usually paid within 3-5 business days.
  • Flexible financial payment plans: A payment method available via MacCredit – a broker that provides credit assistance and payment plan options tailored to suit your needs. They specialise in offering suitable, flexible payment plans for various medical treatments.
  • Accessing superannuation: A payment method available via external provider SuperCare and based on an Australian Government initiative to assist individuals and their families to access their superannuation to cover medical costs. The SuperCare IVF Services Team can facilitate the funding required for various treatments.
  • Installment payment plan: Allows you to pay a designated amount on or prior to the first day of commencing your cycle. The balance of your fees is payable on the day of egg collection.
  • Full up-front payment: The full City Fertility fee is paid up-front on or prior to the first day of your cycle commencing. This payment option is available for all cycle types and procedures. However, the first day that an online claim can be submitted to Medicare is on the day of egg collection.

To learn more about these options, please visit the Payment Options page on our website.


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