Protecting your precious embryos

Protecting your precious embryos

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In the world of IVF, it is best practice to have procedure rooms and laboratories all co-located in order to maximise a patient’s pregnancy outcomes. This not only reduces travel for patients but also minimises the movement of the precious eggs, sperm and embryos that are being created.

City Fertility’s newest flagship clinic, in Sydney’s CBD, has been designed with this foremost in mind, for both our patient’s convenience and equally important for the safety of their valuable embryos too.

These world-class facilities comprise modern consulting rooms, an on-site dedicated day hospital with two-day theatres and two IVF laboratories.

Here are some of the special features these state-of-the-art facilities offer for the benefit of our patients and in protecting their precious embryos:

Fast and accurate analysis at egg pickup

At an egg pickup in our day theatre, the embryologist will quickly scan the fluid retrieved from the follicles under a microscope looking for the eggs, in order to advise the patient and specialist immediately of their findings. Following this initial assessment in theatre, the eggs are taken directly to the laboratory within minutes and immediately analysed so they can more accurately advise the patient and specialist of the quality and confirm the quantity of these eggs.

Once the eggs are collected, the true work of our embryologists in protecting and nurturing these oocytes (eggs) and subsequently embryos, in the laboratory begins.


Time-lapse incubators

Our Embryoscope Incubator is the latest generation time-lapse incubator from the world leader in incubator technology – Vitrolife. Time-lapse technology delivers a continuous observation of embryos in an undisturbed culture.


Clean room laboratory

Our Sydney CBD laboratories both have CodaAir Positive Pressure Systems to enable the very best in clean room laboratory air management. With continued evidence that laboratory air quality is of paramount importance for improved IVF outcomes, the CodaAir system works to purify air quality in incubators and in the laboratory, which in turn may improve embryo and cell development.

The high-performance four-stage CodaAir filter system reduces the presence of VOCs, aldehydes, bacteria/fungal spores, and all particulate matter that can impact embryo development.


Temperature controlled laboratories

The laboratory temperature is controlled to ensure minimal disruption to eggs and embryos, which in turn maximises pregnancy outcomes. Our embryologists carefully maintain the temperature inside these incubators and of the equipment used to monitor these embryos. We also carefully monitor the humidity and gas levels within these incubators to ensure minimal disruption to the embryos.


City Fertility Sydney CBD offers expert, empathetic and personalised patient care by a highly specialist team to make your IVF experience as stress-free as possible. To find out more about City Fertility Sydney CBD one of Australia’s most advanced IVF clinics visit: Sydney CBD clinic page


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