City Fertility Centre Expanding Steadily in Sunnybank

City Fertility Centre Expanding Steadily in Sunnybank

02.04.2014 - CFC Expanding Steadily in Sunnybank

Sunnybank fertility specialist Dr Peter Fung is delighted with the steady growth of City Fertility Centre Southside since the clinic opened its doors in 2009.

The Sunnybank clinic has helped bring 340 babies into the world. It has more than doubled the number of fertility specialists serving growing demand at the clinic – from five in 2009 to 11 this year.

Dr Fung said he felt privileged to work in the IVF and obstetrics field because it was rewarding to help couples achieve their dream of having a child.

“It is a very happy specialty. The joy a child brings into a loving family brings a smile to your face no matter what else is happening in the day,” he said.

“IVF is a particularly exciting area to work in. It’s a new frontier in medicine and its evolving nature means I am receiving an ongoing medical education.”

Dr Fung’s main fertility advice for couples hoping to fall pregnant is to not leave it too late, as a woman’s likelihood of conception is substantially lowered after age 35, and the quality of a man’s sperm is reduced with advancing age.

“Our clinic has recently received an increase in fertility consultations and we are pleased that people are seeking fertility advice earlier,” Dr Fung said.

“What many people do not realise is that only around 20 to 30 per cent of patients who see our fertility specialists go on to receive IVF treatment – often it is not required. Non-IVF avenues, such as addressing ovulation or sperm problems as well as timing, can substantially improve chances of pregnancy.”


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