Food, Fertility and you

Lifestyle choices we make, including diet, exercise and general well-being have a direct impact on our reproductive health. Therefore, to optimise your chances of pregnancy it is essential to maintain a healthy, well balanced diet full of nutrition.

To ensure you get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to help prepare your body for pregnancy, you should include foods from all food groups in your daily diet. Eat vegetables every day, mix the colours – you get more vitamins that way. Don’t forget to choose water as a drink!

To make sure your diet is fertility friendly, we have put together some mouth-wateringly, delicious recipes to help give you a kick start to boost your fertility.

Go on give them try and enjoy!

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22.12.14_healthy appetisers to enjoy this festive season


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Please Note: The above recipes are not to be used in place of GP or Specialist prescribed treatments and medications. Please consult your practitioner or specialist prior to introducing new dietary practices.


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