Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Couples

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Couples

For couples whose goal is to welcome a baby in 2011, one of the most important things they can do is lead a healthy lifestyle.

City Fertility Centre medical director Dr Ashish Das says the organisation sees many couples who take the opportunity to improve their general health when seeking help to boost their fertility.

“We don’t limit our assistance to reproductive technology — we offer a comprehensive service to support patients in changing their eating and exercise habits,” Dr Das said.

“Our fertility experts talk to patients about the impact that things like losing weight, giving up smoking and reducing alcohol and caffeine intake can have on their chances of getting pregnant.”

Dr Das said smoking reduced IVF success rates by half and even losing a small amount of weight could significantly increase the chances of pregnancy.

“In fact, 12 per cent of primary infertility is linked to women being underweight or overweight,” he said.

“Nutrition and health also have a direct effect on the health of sperm, so it’s important for both partners to consider these issues.

“Of course, a healthy lifestyle is not only important to boost fertility, it’s also essential during pregnancy to keep you well and give your baby the best start in life.”

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