Secondary Infertility on the Rise

Secondary Infertility on the Rise

Women who have successfully conceived and given birth are questioning why it can be so difficult to have a second baby.

Fertility specialist Dr Sharon Li, of City Fertility Centre Sunnybank, said secondary infertility was on the rise because fertility decreased significantly from the age of 35.

Almost one-third of City Fertility Centre patients have secondary infertility issues and Dr Li says many factors, including a healthy diet and exercise, can maximise the chances of conception.

“At City Fertility Centre, we recommend that women over 35 who have been unsuccessful in falling pregnant after six months of trying should seek the help of a fertility specialist,” Dr Li said.

City Fertility Centre Sunnybank has been expanding rapidly, with more specialist doctors joining the clinic.

According to City Fertility Centre clinic director Dr Rolf Weissenberger, demand for fertility procedures is on the increase because more couples who decide to have children later in life are finding it difficult to conceive.

“At City Fertility Centre, we see many couples seeking help with improving their fertility but we don’t limit our assistance to reproductive technology — we offer a comprehensive service to support patients with nutritional and exercise habits,” Dr Weissenberger said.

“We offer highly experienced and dedicated fertility specialists who will tailor a treatment program that is sensitive to each patient’s needs.”

Dr Weissenberger said couples did not need to worry about a long wait to see a fertility expert, as City Fertility Centre offered new patient appointments within 10 working days of calling.

According to Dr Weissenberger, one of the most important things that couples considering having a baby can do is make sure their lifestyle is healthy.

The fertility experts talk to patients about the impact that things such as losing weight, giving up smoking and reducing drug, alcohol and caffeine intake can have on their chances of achieving a pregnancy.

City Fertility is the largest independently owned fertility centre in Australia and has exceptional pregnancy success rates. For clinic locations and more information, visit or phone 1800 123 483.

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