Dr Anne Poliness

Dr Anne Poliness


Dr Anne Poliness

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Find me at:

  • St Kilda Rd

    Level 1, 493 St Kilda Road,
    Melbourne, VIC 3004

Available For:

  • Telehealth Consultation

1300 354 354

Dr Anne Poliness brings with her extensive experience and expertise in treating patients in all areas of fertility.  

Dr Poliness works primarily  in:

  • IVF and fertility care.
  • Fertility-related gynaecology.

Dr Poliness qualified as a doctor in 1993 and as a gynaecologist in 2002. Since then she has also completed a doctorate degree in endometriosis and a master’s in reproductive medicine (fertility). She began a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2003, through The University of Melbourne, while working as a gynaecologist in the public system at the Royal Women’s Hospital and Mercy Hospital for Women.

In 2001, Dr Poliness worked for 12 months in Winchester (UK) for a gynaecologist who was a preceptor for laparoscopic surgery. Returning to Melbourne in 2002, she took up a 12-month fellowship position in laparoscopic surgery at the Royal Women’s Hospital for the endometriosis unit.

Dr Poliness consults at St Kilda Road, and has a public appointment at the Mercy Hospital for Women.

She has expertise in treating patients in all areas of fertility, with special interests in endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).


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