Why Become a Sperm Donor?

Why Become a Sperm Donor?

Many Australian couples desperate to have a baby are being turned away because of a lack of sperm donors.

Sperm Donors Australia is seeking men from a wide range of backgrounds to consider becoming sperm donors.

There are many reasons why donors participate, including:

  1. To find out their own fertility status.
  2. To help make another couple’s dream come true – in creating a new life and a family.
  3. To receive a free general health check-up, including some blood tests.
  4. Any expenses incurred are reimbursed.
  5. The assurance of a private and confidential enquiry process – no appointment with your GP is needed before meeting with us.

A recent addition to Sperm Donors Australia, “John”, explained his reason for contributing: “I have colleagues who have had trouble conceiving and it is heartbreaking for them, so I wanted to do my bit.”

John consulted his family about donating and they were supportive. He said he believed men were unaware of how much in demand sperm donors were.

To be a sperm donor, you must:

  • Be aged between 18 and 50.
  • Be in good health.
  • Have a low risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease and HIV/AIDS.
  • Be able to provide a family medical history.

Some people may not be able to donate because their lifestyle puts them at greater risk of contracting diseases that could infect the recipients and any children conceived. As part of being accepted as a donor, a lifestyle declaration must be signed. All services are provided in a completely discreet and confidential environment.

For more information, visit the dedicated website for sperm donors, www.spermdonorsaustralia.com.au.

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